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35 Cereal Dispensers You Don’t Want to Miss

The sleek and stylish design of the Rosseto cereal dispenser line makes serving breakfast food an elegant affair.

Available in a variety of styles, with plastic, bamboo, walnut, and stainless steel base options, these free-standing cereal dispensers are the perfect serving solution for breakfast buffets, cafeterias, dining halls, and cafes or restaurants!

What Is a Cereal Dispenser?

A cereal dispenser is a closed, airtight container with a lidded top for inserting large amounts of cereal and a crank or pull-down lever at the bottom. The basic mechanism of a cereal dispenser allows measured quantities of fresh cereal to exit the dispenser and enter your customer’s strategically placed bowl. 

One of the added benefits of offering a cereal dispenser to guests is that it minimizes the spread of germs while offering a clear view of cereal offerings displayed in transparent containers.

Benefits of Adding a Cereal Dispenser to Your Breakfast Buffet

There will always be someone who is looking for a bowl of cereal, even if you cook up the most luxurious, indulgent breakfast buffet imaginable. It’s simple and light, making it an ideal start to the day. 

Using a portion-controlled self-service cereal dispenser allows you to ensure that every breakfast buffet has at least a few cereal varieties for your guests to enjoy. Here are some of the benefits of adding a cereal dispenser to your breakfast buffet:

  • Minimize waste
  • Allow guests to mix and match
  • Speed up buffet service
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Promote heightened cleanliness practices

Designing Your Cereal Dispenser Station

A few things must be taken into consideration when setting up your cereal dispenser station.

Consider a Theme

First, consider designing your station according to a theme. You can venture out toward more whimsical topics – pop culture, movies, current events, etc., or veer toward the more traditional, like seasonal holidays, harvest times, and other grain-related subjects.

Determine What Cereal Dispenser Options to Use

Next, you’ll need to decide which kinds of cereal dispenser options you’ll use. Consider your options:

  • Carousel style
  • Tabletop
  • Wall mounted

Rosseto’s Stunning Cereal Dispenser Collection

Rosseto’s cereal dispensers are made of commercial-grade materials and come in an array of sizes ranging from 1 – 3.5 gallons in single, double, triple, and quintuple transparent acrylic canisters to fit all your serving needs. 

These commercial bulk cereal dispensers make for quick and easy set up and clean up and feature a sleek inline profile that allows for an elegant display without clutter to preserve the freshness of dry cereals while maintaining hygiene and cleanliness. 

Special patented serving technology allows for precise pours with each turn of the wheel and is designed to prevent spills and cut down on waste.

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