Salad Topping Dispensers

Enhance your salad bar or buffet’s display with a functional, yet stylish salad topping dispenser.  These sleek commercial-grade dispensers are designed with transparent acrylic canisters to elegantly display a variety of salad toppings including nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and croutons. Upgrade you buffet salad service while using top-quality buffet equipment.

To use your salad topping dispensers, simply fill each canister with the desired topping and attach it to the base. Then turn the adjustable portion knob to select the desired serving size. To clean your dispensers, just remove each canister from its base and rinse with warm water and soap.

Rosseto dry food dispensers are the perfect addition to your self-service salad bar. Your dry goods will stay fresh in our high-quality cylinders until your customers turn the patented portion control wheels, designed for precise pours and mess prevention. Rosseto’s dispensers come in a variety of volumes and styles, ranging from .65 – 3.5 gallon cylinders and walnut, bamboo, and stainless steel base finishes so you can customize your display to meet your design needs! Rosseto’s high quality salad topping dispensers are the perfect display and serving solution for any dining hall, restaurant, café, or salad bar. Available in single, double, triple, and quintuple canisters, these dispensers can be fully customized to fit any space.

If you are revamping your food and beverage service and would like to get a quote from one of our Rosseto experts, make sure to leave your quote and we will get back to you with a proposal.

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