Upgrade your breakfast buffet with a touchless automatic cereal dispenser

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When deciding where they are going to stay, guests are looking for a fun and safe hotel experience. The breakfast buffet is no exception to this consideration. The breakfast offering is one of the most critical elements guests use when rating a hotel stay.


But, as times have changed, guests now expect a high level of hygiene in their hotels, including breakfast buffets. In the past, a free serve cereal dispenser was one the best offerings in the buffet, but when the pandemic hit, they were the first thing to go.

Thanks to Rosseto’s Automatic Food Dispenser, you can bring a buffet breakfast back and let the guests serve themselves like they once used to enjoy doing in the past. As leading experts in serving the hospitality industry, Rosseto has a wide variety of products available that ensure following the FDA reopening best practices comes easily for your breakfast buffet.

Why Pick’n’Mix?

It’s no secret that it’s a competitive market, especially in a post covid environment. Guests are looking into multiple hotels before making their final decision on where to stay. Typically, they have many criteria, but the breakfast buffet is one of the most important factors they consider.

Adding the pick’n’mix will instantly upgrade your breakfast buffet and act as the focal point of the entire breakfast experience for your guests.

If you’re not sure where to integrate the pick’n’mix into your buffet, don’t worry. You have plenty of different options to choose from. You can have anything from cereal dispensers to candy dispensers. Whatever you can imagine for your buffet, there are surelyRosseto bulk dispensers to fit your needs.

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Pick’n’Mix These Days

The global pandemic brought with it significant changes to the hospitality industry. A heightened awareness of the threat of the spread of harmful pathogens and germs in public gathering spaces has become a high priority to all. Once everyday actions are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. The hospitality industry has been faced with the challenge of adapting to the new reality to survive.

The traditional pick’n’mix of the past is now considered to be a health hazard. Having open containers that allow people, both adults, and small children, to come in contact with food directly is no longer acceptable.

A New Solution!

It’s possible to bring back the breakfast cereal experience to today’s new reality with a hands-free automated dispenser.


You no longer have to give up on that special addition to your breakfast buffet. Now you can bring back that fun attraction for your guests. Rosseto has the answer that provides no risk of exposure, a beautiful design, and an even better guest experience.


The pick’n’mix is an excellent drawing force for hotels and a way to keep up with the trend while keeping your guests happy and healthy. The attractive display keeps your guests returning to your hotel in the future.


Automatic cereal dispensers allow your guests to serve themselves the cereal of their choosing. The new Safe T Serv™ Automatic Food Dispenser provides a hygienic touchless dispenser with an innovative portion control technology.


Give your hotel guests the breakfast buffet experience they have grown to appreciate once again to have them excited to return. With Rosseto’s Safe T Serv™ Automatic Food Dispenser, your bulk food display can now be safe from the spread of harmful germs and pathogens.

Rosseto offers the best hands-free pick’n’mix options, including a cereal dispenser and a candy dispenser. Thanks to Rosseto, you can find all of the bulk dispenser solutions you need to keep your guests and staff safe and healthy in one convenient place.

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