Buffet Induction

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Rosseto’s new line of induction burners are heating up the buffet table scene, matching functionality with fabulous designs that can’t be beat.

Whether you’re preparing to warm up an amuse-bouche last minute, or preparing a dish to serve, you’ll want to provide your customers with the best, highest-quality and more aesthetically appealing way to keep their eats hot and tasty. Add height, versatility and excitement to your buffet warming stations, with Rosseto’s new line of induction burners. Lightweight and easy to clean, our induction burners use precise warming technology to heat your food faster and more evenly, while saving on power consumption. And, as our induction stands can be connected to our Skycap and Multi-chef systems, you can create unlimited creative displays that keep your food warm, while ever looking fabulous. Once you experience the wonders of warming with induction, you’ll never want to use fuel burners again!

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