Beat the Heat! The 25 Best Independent Frozen Yogurt Stores in America

Whether beating the heat in the summertime or craving a cool treat in the winter, frozen yogurt is a popular choice. More commonly known as froyo, this dessert has made its presence known in c-stores, grocery stores and shops across the country. Consumers just can’t get enough of the frosty delight, which boasts more health benefits than ice cream.

Countless chains churn out frozen yogurt, but there are smaller independent shops that deserve recognition, too. We’ve found 25 of the best.


Orange Leaf

Calling itself Orange Leaf because of the unique properties of that hue (among them how it “isn’t like the other colors” and “doesn’t want to blend in”), this froyo shop is a favorite for consumers. To save on froyo and always stay abreast of what the company is up to, customers can download the my Orange Leaf app or get their own Ounce Back card.


Red Mango

Another froyo store named after a color, Red Mango was founded in 2007 by Dan Kim, and the establishment continues to grow. The name is derived from the store’s “commitment to using only the best all-natural ingredients in our frozen yogurts, smoothies and parfaits.” Can’t get enough? Join Club Mango to get discounts.


Let’s Yo

A frozen yogurt shop that’s opened up stores in New Jersey, Florida and Massachusetts, Let’s Yo immediately appeals to the modern froyo consumer with its text bubble logo. The stores were known for once having iPads to entertain guests seated on futuristic green and white plastic chairs and booths. Customers laud the establishment for its ever-changing roster of flavors, some of which are inspired by the seasons.



The aptly-named FroyoWorld is beloved in Puerto Rico and New England especially, but there are shops across the country. Customers appreciate the expanded menu, which includes froninis (a donut-like baked treat filled with froyo and topped with icing) and frookies (a classic ice cream sandwich but made with frozen yogurt instead).


Golden Spoon

Founded in 1983, Golden Spoon emphasizes its healthy options. A California mainstay, the flavor varieties make this a winner among the state’s faithful. Just some of the flavors one can expect on any given day include mai tai sorbet, iced café de leche, pecans and pralines, gingerbread, pumpkin pie and tiger’s blood, which is a “watermelon-strawberry combo with a hint of coconut.”

up close froyo lychee



Based in Richmond, Virginia, sweetFrog has locations across the United States and has even expanded to open shops in the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, Egypt and the Dominican Republic. Consumers prefer sweetFrog for its variety of froyo flavors, customizable toppings and helpful customer service.


Yogen Fruz

A worldwide establishment with small roots, a couple of Canadian brothers founded Yogen Fruz in 1986. Instead of just letting customers top their favorite froyo flavors with fruit, “Yogen Fruz developed a unique blending system which combines its…frozen yogurt and fresh fruit which allow you to customize your own flavor combination.” It’s no wonder this store is a hit.



With locations scattered across the country, U-Swirl is known and loved for its flavors and froyo toppings. What makes this store stand out? It caters sweet treats for corporate meetings, graduations, parties and everything in between. The store can even help schools, workplaces and other organizations with their fundraising efforts.



Cups is a Californian brand big on beach décor. There are also locations in Texas, New York, New Jersey and Florida. That exclusivity only increases its popularity among consumers. While the flavors change all the time, the topping choices stay the same. Some options available are fruit chunks, yogurt chips, raspberry truffle cups, cookie dough chunks, jelly beans, cheesecake bites and brownie bites.


YOBE Frozen Yogurt

YOBE Frozen Yogurt recently absorbed You Say When Yogurt Shoppe. Fans of both Jacksonville, Florida stores will find a nice combination of the two that pleases customers. Get your frozen yogurt fix in a cup or in smoothie form. The brand prides itself on cutting out artificial sweeteners to let its natural milk and yogurt do the talking.

froyo toppings



With gluten-free and dairy-free options among its 200+ flavors, Yogurtland caters well to its audience. Those flavors, which are part of a revolving menu, are prepared without antibiotics. They instead include healthful probiotics, making this one treat anyone can feel good about eating.



Declaring itself “one of the first brands to begin using the frozen yogurt ‘self-serve model,” Peachwave puts the preferences in the hands of customers, which has certainly paid off. From its stores across the US and one in Cuba, customers can choose from gelato or froyo. Both are low in calories and big on taste.


Yogurt Mountain

A southern froyo stop that’s expanding to the East Coast, Yogurt Mountain has quite a diverse menu. Choose from topical ice, custard and low-fat ice cream. Customers enjoy the flavor variety and the ability to get their froyo made dairy-free, gluten-free, nonfat or low-fat.


Sweet CeCe’s

Although its tagline states the store sells “frozen desserts and more,” Sweet CeCe’s is known for its froyo. Each year, expect to find fun seasonal offerings like candy cane, eggnog, spiced apple pie and pumpkin pie. Treats are prepared in way that’s conscious towards allergy sufferers, which wins CeCe’s points with customers.


16 Handles

A New York shop that’s opened its doors in New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland and several other states along the East Coast, 16 Handles also caters and serves frozen treats at parties. Customers appreciate being able to choose between frozen yogurt or smoothies. Some of the most interesting flavors 16 Handles offers include salted chocolate chip cookie dough, cinnamon donut, white chocolate mousse, snickerdoodle, cotton candy and caramel popcorn.

froyo with m&ms



A worldwide froyo store, Yogurberry started in the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, China and Korea before moving operations to the US. Even still, you can only find this shop in a few states: California, Arizona, Texas, Florida, Georgia and New York. That said, the atmosphere is a big selling point for customers, as is the healthful quality of the yogurt.


Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt

Come hang out with the Tutti Frutti Friends, Banana Bo, Viola Blu, Betty Red and Candyce Prinkle at Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt. Founded in 2008, the brand offers “high-quality, healthy frozen yogurt” while “giving back to our customers through a modern self-serve concept.” Customers love the yogurt quality, but flavors offered in California may be different from those in your Tutti Frutti shop down the street.



Guaranteeing at least 10 daily options, Yogurtini hasn’t yet opened a store in every state. However, having established locations in major areas like New York and Colorado seems to promise future growth. Offering more than 50 toppings, customers get the option to try any flavor for free before buying.



Another establishment with a cute cartoon mascot (Menchie), froyo shop Menchie’s was formed by married duo Adam and Danna Caldwell. They founded the establishment in 2007 in Los Angeles and it took off from there. As a top-rated frozen yogurt shop, Menchie’s has grown to include froyo cakes on its menu. A flavor team dreams up all tastes on the menu.



Yogurtology claims to understand “the art and science of frozen yogurt,” and customers tend to agree. The best of the best flavors are only available on a Premiyum menu. You’re welcome to create your own combination, choosing from options that include waffles and syrup, margarita, tiramisu, rice pudding, iced mocha latte, churro and carrot cake.

froyo on table


Fuzzy Peach

With shops in Michigan and North and South Carolina, Fuzzy Peach is a southern froyo staple. Customers flock to the shop for the healthy yogurt selections, which include probiotic cultures and calcium. There are plenty of choices on the menu, such as non-dairy sorbet, frozen custard and Greek froyo.


Tasti D-Lite

Tasti D-Lite encourages you to “dessert your guilt.” Founded in 1987 to give fans of sweet treats a healthier option than ice cream, the brand grew from a small New York shop to a nationwide establishment. With a Tasti TreatCard and a regular newsletter called TastiMail, there’s a lot to get a customer’s mouth watering.


Forever Yogurt

Having received accolades from The Badger Herald, Chicago Reader, Red Tricycle, Time Out Chicago and Groupon, customers are also quite vocal about their enjoyment of Forever Yogurt’s products. The menu includes non-dairy sorbet, gelato and froyo, which can be vegan and non-fat. You can even forego the sugar. The flavor selection is interesting, with choices like Turkish roast coffee, caramel apple, oatmeal stout beer, root beer float, Mexican chocolate and maple bacon.



For more than 20 years, Yogorino has produced “healthy, balanced and natural products.” The sweets the company sells enchant customers and are nearly endless, with choices such as hot chocolate, water ice, smoothies, frappes, waffles, crepes and parfaits. Of course, Yogorino’s froyo is the main attraction, boasting more than 15 flavor choices.

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