Cereal Dispensers FAQ

Everything you need to know about cereal dispensers for your hotel, venue, or catered event

What’s not to love about cereal? Crisp and crunchy, in exciting shapes and colors and accompanied by yummy toppings, cereal is the perfect addition to anyone’s morning. We’ve answered some of the most frequently asked cereal dispenser questions – everything you need to know to set up this portion of your breakfast buffet for success.

Q: What are cereal dispensers?

A: Cereal dispensers are closed, airtight containers with an openable top for inserting large amounts of cereal and a crank or pull-down lever at the bottom, that allows measured quantities of fresh cereal to exit the dispenser and enter your customer’s strategically placed bowl. With a transparent center, cereal dispensers allow customers to view the specific cereal, without spreading germs.

Q: Which cereals are recommended to place inside cereal dispensers?

A: Any dry cereal can be placed inside cereal dispensers. The key is in discovering which cereals your customers prefer. It is recommended to use a minimum of 3-4 cereal dispensers at your hotel or event breakfast buffet containing a variety of healthy and sugary cereals, to appeal to the widest possible audience. Warm and wet cereals, such as oatmeal, are a no-go.

Q: How can you design and decorate your cereal dispenser station?

When setting up your cereal dispenser station, a few things must be taken into consideration. First, consider designing your station according to a theme. Seasonal holidays, harvest times and other grain-related subjects are easy options, but you can also venture out towards more whimsical topics – current events, movies, pop-culture, etc. Then, you’ll need to decide which kinds of cereal dispensers you’ll use. Wall-mounted, or table top? Flush in line or carousel style? Cereal dispensers with sleek, metal bases, or those with slotted trays to catch potential spills?

When it comes to decorating your dispenser station, it is recommended that you settle on a color scheme, maybe even a theme related to your brand, the season, or a popular trend. You can drape ribbons, adhere stickers, place flowers and more around each dispenser. Of course, each dispenser should be clearly labeled with the cereal’s name (and, if relevant, price), so your customers know exactly what treat they’re pouring into their bowls.

Q: Where can you get high-quality cereal dispensers for your hotel, venue, or catered event?

Rosseto offers hotels, shop owners and caterers the latest, most innovative and creative cereal dispensers for their hospitality needs. Large and clear, they can be labeled and decorated to match any breakfast buffet’s design concept and theme. With Rosseto, you can put a smile on your customers’ faces, even before they take their first bite.

Ready to set up your new cereal dispenser display? Contact Rosseto Serving Solutions and upgrade your breakfast buffet with our top line of cereal dispensers – today!

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