Candy Dispensers

Rossetos’ candy dispensers are a perfect match for any candy store

Check out our high-quality commercial-grade acrylic bulk candy dispensers and display containers. These containers showcase your retail candy beautifully and keep your products fresh. The transparent acrylic holders are securely placed within sturdy protective steel frames on a stable base. Additionally, the polished steel spout serves as an efficient dispensing machine.

Our patented scoop mechanism ensures that a precise amount of sweets is dispensed from the dispenser every time you turn the nozzle. These commercial candy dispensers are perfect for enhancing your candy, ice cream, or frozen yogurt shop with a vibrant and enticing display of colorful candies and jelly beans.

Our dispensers are designed with easy-to-clean containers that preserve freshness, reduce waste, and eliminate spillage and over-pouring costs. Whether you choose the free-standing or wall-mounted option, our candy and jelly bean dispensers can support up to five canisters. They feature a sleek profile that enhances your display and saves space.

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