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Bulk Coffee Dispenser & Tea Leaf Dispenser

“Enhance the display in your coffee or tea shop with stylish dispensers from Rosseto.”

Whether you’re the owner of a gym or a vitamin/supplement shop full of health nuts who down protein drinks like water, having the technology to dispense these powders in precise measurements. Rosseto’s dispensers have portion wheels that adjust to the amount you want to dispense, so you’ll have the solution for your favorite proteins, supplement powders, and drink mixes! Our patented technology helps your dry goods and powders stay fresh, while appealingly displayed to appear more tantalizing to your clients. Our customizable dispensers come in the size, shape, and color you need, ranging from .65 – 3.5 gallon cylinders and walnut, bamboo, and stainless steel base finishes. No matter what size you need, Rosseto has the right coffee dispensers & tea dispensers for you, measuring out precisely the right amount of vitamin supplements, boosters, and other powders your clients rely on you for to get them through their workout and their day.

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