Buffet Chafing Dish: A Modern Guide

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The banquet and catering industries can sometimes feel too formal and a little old-fashioned. There’s certainly a place for that at certain events, but so many more guests appreciate modern design and functionality. That’s why we wanted to design products that captured this spirit of freshness and modernity. We wanted to deliver the functionality and versatility that professionals demand. It is from this concept that we designed our entire Multi-Chef line, modern chafing dish alternatives that can accommodate every single item you want to put out on your buffet chafing dish. Each piece can be used with any standard size food and water pans, too.

This re-thinking of chafing dishes gives you a lot of flexibility in the way you design your buffet. You can create serving stations easily, from warming to cooling and everything in between. And the available colors, black and white matte, and finishes — a stainless steel chafing dish can feel fresh or classic depending on the event — will let you achieve whatever modern look you need.

Plus, the various shapes and sizes available give you the ability to design the flow of traffic around your buffet. A round chafing dish, for example, can invite guests to crowd around a standout dish from different angles, so no one has to reach over another.

To add some extra flair to your collection, have a look at some of our different accessories such as bamboo carving and cutlery boards, track grills and induction sets.

Chafing Dishes: Induction Heating Versus Fuel Burners

Chafing dishes have come a long way from Sterno heating, although that’s still the go-to method in many cases.

An electric chafing dish dispenses with the need for open flames entirely, which makes them great for outdoor use, when a brisk wind could extinguish your burners.

But induction heating takes food quality to a whole new level. Once you experience warming with induction, you might never use a chafing dish again. This method of cooking also dispenses with the need for an open flame, but it also gets rid of the need for a heated water pan. Instead, induction chafers have portable induction range for heating, which offers some real precision. You can heat food better and faster this way, controlling temperatures throughout your event to maintain food quality.

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Versatility: Buffet Chafing Dishes for Any Occasion

One of the core advantages of the Multi-Chef line is versatility. With your collection, you can easily go from a light menu for a mid-day reception to a large, full service banquet in the evening. Simply add or switch out accessories to create your own custom serving station.

Here are a few design tips for putting together any kind of buffet.


The Perfect Brunch Buffet

Treat your guests to a stylish brunch or breakfast buffet that offers your favorite sweet and savory options. You can accessorize our chafing dishes with bamboo cutting boards, chilling trays for cheese and our Beverage Dispenser filled with infused water or herbal iced-tea. Then, anchor the spread with custom Bakery Blocks or Sky Cap Riser set with custom tempered glass surfaces in clear or black.

“We were able to adapt the multi-level risers to be used for a morning tea buffet, a breakfast, and also a lunch. They are so versatile, easy to build and modular. Set up and break down was incredibly easy and quiet too. Guests loved it!”

– Tara (Marriott)


Cocktail Reception with Heavy Hors D’oeuvre

Wow your guests with a modern, light buffet featuring the best of your menu. You can serve gourmet flatbreads or mini pizza’s using the Multi-Chef griddle and flatbread tray. Also, you can create a mini carving station for meats and bread or use a mini-chef to serve warm sauces. Add surfaces for special accouterments, such as small bites or serving ware.


Evening Banquet

Mix and match the full line of Multi-Chef Warmers in black matte to create the ultimate serving station. The different heights create a sense of depth. Pair with Swan and Sky Cap Risers to elegantly add more levels of display space.


Wedding Reception

Make a statement in white for this special event. Build a buffet filled with warm and cold options. Our suggestion: Create a custom oyster bar using our 7” Multi-Chef Cooler. You can accessorize with a selection of toppings using our Swam system with white surfaces.
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