Where Food and Beverage Directors Use Infused Water Dispensers

Infuse your water & infuse your guests with a fresh, happy customer experience!

There’s something so simple, yet so sophisticated about infused water. It’s fresh, refreshing, healthy and can make the everyday act of hydrating a vibrant, sensory experience. This is well-known by hotel food and beverage directors, who seem to have adopted this trend with quite a passion and have integrated beverage stations with infused water dispensers throughout their establishments.

So, where are food and beverage dispensers stationing their commercial infused water dispensers?

In the lobby

First impressions are lasting impressions, so it’s important to make them count. That’s why food and beverage directors are placing beverage dispensers with infusers in their hotels lobbies. Guests can dispense a tasty yet healthy drink and quench their thirst while waiting to check-in, or grab a cup of infused water on their way out, so they feel refreshed and hydrated as they tour their destination city.

At the breakfast buffet

A hotel that offers a breakfast buffet is already at a competitive advantage. Adding beverage dispensers with infusion chambers take the hospitality game to the next level. Infused water goes great with traditional breakfast food and helps guests start the day off right with a healthy drink that tastes like an indulgent.

In the banquet hall

Infused water is the chameleon of beverages. All food and beverage directors need is water, a beverage dispenser and infuser recipes to easily dispense drinks to suit any occasion, including a buffet or upscale dinner in the hotel’s banquet hall. From a slice of cucumber, lime and lemon for a summer barbeque dinner, to an infusion of strawberry and basil for a refined reception, the simple stationing of a beverage dispenser with infusion chamber in the banquet hall is an innovative idea.

In meeting rooms

Let’s face it: meetings can be a bore, even if they’re about something you’re truly passionate about. To keep companies coming back to the hotel for their corporate meetings and events, food and beverage directors are placing infused water dispensers in the meeting rooms for a refreshing and awakening hydration experience that doesn’t spike employees sugar levels. That way, they can focus on the meeting and be optimally attentive and productive instead of crashing in their chair, mid-presentation.


The sun’s harsh rays can be pretty dehydrating, whether you’re tanning in a lounge chair, or swimming in cool pool waters. Knowing this, food and beverage directors are placing infused water dispensers poolside, making it easier than ever for guests to rehydrate with a tasty beverage. Plus, the fruit, vegetables and herbs that tend to be placed in the infusion chamber are the perfect combination for outdoor fun, without the added sugar and calories of downing a plate of watermelon or indulging in an ice cream cone.

In VIP suites

VIP guests want to receive VIP treatment – and why not? They are, after all, paying for it. An easy and affordable way of upgrading their stay is by stationing a water infusion dispenser in their rooms. The freshness of the infused water and the trendiness of the beverage in and of itself will be enough to give an impression that the hotel is paying a little extra attention to the guest in the VIP suite. Pro tip: provide VIP guests with infused water recipes upon check-in, so they can choose their preferred infusions.

At the gym

Hotel gyms are yet another place food and beverage directors are using infused water dispensers. This is because guests can benefit from the combination of water and infused nutrients while exercising, so they don’t burn out and crash mid-workout. Doing so is also ideal for leaving guests feeling rejuvenated following their workout, so they can continue to enjoy the rest of the hotel’s services and amenities.

In the spa

Spa treatments may be relaxing, but they’re also draining. Massages, facials, sauna stays and other treatments drain your body and require immediate rehydration. To keep in line with the health, wellness and pampering themes of in-hotel spa services, food and beverage directors are placing beverage stations with infused water dispensers outside treatment rooms. That way, guests can extend their spa experience beyond the 45-minute Shiatsu massage or Ayurveda treatment, and continue to feel relaxed and refreshed throughout their day.

Rosseto can supply your hotel with exquisite infused water dispensers

Rosseto’s top-tier line of beverage dispensers are ideal for the adoption of the infused water trend. Contact us to start using beverage dispensers with infusion chambers throughout your hotel, today!



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