Infusing Health Benefits into Meeting Rooms with Fruit Infused Water

Rosseto BD Infusing Health Benefits into Meeting Rooms

Rosseto can help you keep your employees happier and healthier with infused water dispensers!

It’s no secret: organizations often need more than a captivating slideshow to keep their employees focused and engaged during meetings. Some try to stimulate employees’ minds with in-meeting brainstorming competitions, while others attempt to sweeten the deal of another long, drawn-out meeting with literal sweets: pastries, coffee, soda, and fruit. However, organizations are now learning that another possibility exists, one that can help ensure employees are refreshed and focused on participation, without the mid-meeting sugar crash or uncomfortable upset stomach.


Fruit infused water has entered the meeting room – and it’s making a tremendous splash!


Fruit infused water comes with its fair share of health benefits, making it an ideal treat for company meeting rooms of all shapes, sizes, and budgets.


Let’s check them out in a little closer detail:


When your employees are hydrated, all of their bodily functions operate better, enabling them to focus, focus, focus. And, you guessed it, water is the cleanest, healthiest form of hydration on earth. Plus, the added bonus of a little sweet, fruity flavor only encourages employees to drink up and consume their daily water servings. In fact, one of the main benefits of drinking fruit infused water is that it entices people to drink more than they otherwise might and prevent the common side effects of dehydration, such as lack of energy, headaches, and distractedness.

Increases natural energy

While infused water does not contain all of the vitamins and nutrients you’d ingest when eating a serving of fruit, it does help you increase your vitamin intake through the infused water you drink by accustoming your palate to the taste of fruits and vegetables, making you more likely to eat them in their natural form later on. These vitamins and nutrients help energize employees during meetings, so they’re more likely to contribute in a positive and profitable way.

Appetite control

The sweetness of fruit infused water can help curb any mid-meeting employee cravings that would otherwise distract them from the day’s agenda. They can fill up on as much water from the meeting room’s beverage dispenser station as they please, and hold off on daydreaming about their lunch hour trip to the deli for a little longer.

Immune defense

Drinking fruit infused water helps cleanse the body of any toxins present, making it easier for the body to fight bacteria, infections, and illnesses. As such, when you stock your meeting rooms with beverage dispensers with infusion chambers, you are taking an active role in your employees’ health, stacking the odds that they’ll be on the job – and not out sick.

Promotes digestive system health

That same detoxifying flush discussed above is particularly beneficial to your employees’ digestive health. Drinking fruit infused water provides them with the sweet taste they crave, without the added calories, sugar rush, or unpleasant sensation of heartburn traditional sweet drinks serve up. As such, employees who drink these infused beverages during meetings will feel better on the inside and will have an easier time controlling their weight, so they feel better on the outside as well. And, you know how it goes: when you feel good, you do good, including in the meeting room.

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