Rosseto® Avant Guarde 24×40 Acrylic Sneeze Guard with Pass-Through Window, 1 EA – AG015 ™ + Patent Pending

Upgrade your safety with the Avant Guarde collection of modern countertop sneeze guards. Made from premium grade acrylic, these sneeze shields are durable for high traffic use. Easy to assemble with no tools required. Simply slide the panels into acrylic support bases and place onto the countertop for instant protection for your customers and staff. Our modern design and crystal clear panels are less intrusive to guests and employees. Perfect for bar countertops, cashier counters, office reception desks and order stations in restaurants, hotels, universities, corporate offices, convenience stores and retail concepts. Available with or without pass-through windows.


  • Easily assemble and place on countertops as needed
  • Made from durable plexiglass/acrylic
  • Portable for cleaning and storage
  • Perfect for high traffic areas
  • Available in 36” and 48” widths
  • A pass-through window



Used in

high traffic areas
checkout counter top


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