Hands Free Faucet

Just In! New Hands-Free Option for All Rosseto Beverage Dispensers
We developed a new hands-free faucet handle that will now be included with all beverage dispenser orders. Easily purchase separately and add to existing Rosseto beverage dispensers and any dispenser with a faucet hole of .65 inches. This item is the full assembly and includes both the faucet and handle so you can add it to any beverage dispenser with a faucet hole of .65 inches. If you only need to purchase the handle attachment and already have a Rosseto faucet that comes with all Rosseto beverage dispensers, see item LDM015.


  • Touch-less / hygienic dispensing
  • Will be included with all future beverage dispenser orders
  • You can purchase separately and easily add to existing dispensers
  • Made from durable Polycarbonate for high traffic use

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