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The next generation of food warming technology is here, providing you with safe and reliable warming and display options with optimal heat distribution. There is no need to skimp on style or manage with limited options, our chafing dishes come in 7 and 10″ heights, in both round and square risers. Elevate and display food beautifully on acrylic or glass surfaces atop the heat-resistant grills. Rosseto’s buffet food warmers and trays are among the most dependable products currently made in the catering and hotel dining industry. We have dozens of customizable food warmers and chafing dish systems that come in a variety of colors shapes, sizes and designs. You can put multiple pots, pans or serving plates on our rectangular stainless steel warmer with a track grill top. The set works perfectly with Rosseto’s burner stands, which come in colors and finishes like black matte and brushed steel.

Benefits of Chafing Dishes

While there are many ways you can assure that the food you serve will remain as fresh as possible after it has been prepared and served, chafing dishes is probably one of the most popular solutions. And the reason why chafers are so popular within the catering community is the numerous benefits they offer. How can your business benefit from using chafing dishes? Here are just a few examples.

Chafing Dishes Will Keep Everything Warm

One of the main advantages of chafers is the fact that they ensure that the food you serve to your customers will remain as warm as if it has just left the kitchen. Whether you serve scrambled eggs, sausages, or pancakes in your breakfast buffet – chafing dishes will keep it warm. And once the food you serve remains warm, it also remains fresh for your customers to enjoy.

Chafers Will Keep Everything Hygienic

Freshness is not the only thing you can enjoy by using chaffing dishes at your buffet. You can also enjoy a highly hygienic presentation that will save you time cleaning after your customers serve themselves their favorite foods, due to the fact that everything is kept organized, tidy, and without spills. Also, keeping a high level of hygiene is important to every business which serves food and it’s something your customers will expect you to take care of. Chafing dishes will help you achieve that with both ease and elegance.

Chafing Dishes Last Longer

One of the ways to guarantee that your catering business or your buffet extends high-quality service is by using high-quality equipment. And when it comes to high-quality equipment – chafing dishes have many features that definitely put them in that category. Chafing dishes are made from strong, highly durable materials that make them easier to clean and maintain.

Chafers Will Upgrade Your Presentation

Chafing dishes are a beautiful and elegant addition that will help you reach that attractive and sophisticated food display you wish to achieve while serving food. With chafing dishes at your service – your customers won’t be able to resist the food offered to them.

FAQ: Everything You Need to Know About Using Chafing Dishes

It’s that time of year again! School’s out, the whole country seems to be on vacation (it isn’t really, but it feels that way), and your business is busier than ever. Whether you’re a hotel serving up warm buffet dishes to masses of hungry vacationers, a banquet hall throwing wedding after wedding, or any other catering business, you likely use buffet chafing dishes to keep your food warm, fresh, and tasty. Or, at least we hope you do. To help you make the most of your use of chafers and throw the summer’s most successful events, we’ve compiled a list of the answers to the most frequently asked chafing dish questions. You’re welcome.

How do chafing dishes work?

Chafing dishes are serving pieces used to keep your food at an enjoyable and servable temperature, regardless of how long the buffet line is, or how late the pre-meal ceremony runs. Most chafing dishes are metal pans inserted into metal stands with lids. Water is placed between the pan and the stand and a source of heat are activated from below, to keep your food warm, without risking drying it out.

Chafing Dishes in Rosseto

How do you heat a chafing dish?

Chafing dishes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from rectangular to oval, and can have hinged, lid, and roll-off covers. They also vary in the way they can be heated. They are most commonly heated by Sterno or gel fuel and a wick placed inside of a metal dish below the chafer. The metal dish serves as a perfect conductor of heat for the low flame below. Alternatively, electric chafers can be plugged into a wall socket, enabling the dish and its contents to enjoy even, continuous electric heating. A most innovative chafing dish heating method is the drop-in induction warmer, which eliminates the need to add water under the chafing dish, enabling a more even distribution of heat over a longer period of time.

How do you clean a chafing dish?

Sometimes, the food you eat in a chafing dish can become caked on, making cleaning a challenge. To clean your chafing dish and remove any tough grease, grime, or build-up, soak the chafer in lukewarm water and mild detergent. Use a gentle cloth to loosen caked-on food and remove any remaining residue. Never use a harsh abrasive cleaning product or scourer – they can scratch your chafer and remove its shiny finish.

How can you decorate your chafing dish?

When planning your events, your buffet line’s decor is a top priority – as is your guests’ safety. To maximize both, decorate AROUND your chafing dish with stationery items, such as floral and edible arrangements, whole fruits and vegetables, single flowers, or candles floating in water-filled vases or bowls, or even picture frames containing information on the food being heated in each dish (so everyone knows what’s inside, without having to open the lid each time).

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With Rosseto’s chafing dishes, you can warm your dishes in style, every time. and secure your chafing dishes – today!

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Chafing Dish Buffet Set

A good chafing dish buffet set is critical to any catering setup. But when it comes to making the best selection you’ll need to consider a few options. Keep reading to learn more.

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What Are Chafing Dishes?

While traditional food pans make for great kitchen tools, chafing dishes is a step up. Chafing dishes are multi-part systems that work together to keep hot food hotter for longer, making them an excellent option for catering events.

A feature of chafing dishes that makes them so widely popular is that they can be used in several food and beverage industry settings. These dishes come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, perfect for any occasion.

Chafing Dish Definition

When taking a closer look at the name of these dishes, it originates from the French word chauffeur, which directly translates to “make warm.” Staying true to their definition, these catering dishes use indirect and gentle heat to keep the contents of their large and shallow pan warm for more extended periods.

The heat source used by chafing dishes can come from multiple options, including:

  • Induction heating

  • Electricity

  • Fuel

The heat source is used to heat a pan of water which then creates steam. The steam heats the pan above it to gently warm the contents of the food pan.

What Is a Chafer Used For?

When you have hot food that has already been cooked and needs to stay warm, you will use a chafing dish to maintain its temperature. It’s crucial to remember that chafing dishes keep food warm, they are not designed to cook food.

Traditionally, chafers are used in buffet lines, where customers can serve themselves safely from the pans where the food is being held.

As previously mentioned, chafing dishes are multifaceted and can be used for several different food service purposes. Some of the most common uses for chafing dishes include hotels, banquet halls, and other catered events.

Best Chafing Dishes by Rosseto

When Do You Use Chafing Dishes?

Chafing dishes are great for public events. When it comes time to purchase chafing dishes, you’ll need to think of the type of event you’re planning and the number of people you’re serving. For example, you might be using chafing dishes for any of the following:

  • Social/private event

  • Wedding

  • Corporate event

  • Buffet (breakfast buffet)

  • Event catering

  • Sunday brunch buffet

5 Tips for Choosing Your Chafing Dish Buffet Set

Choosing chafing dishes might seem like a simple enough task, but when you’re sticking to a tight budget, it can become quite challenging. If you’re wondering how to select chafing dishes, here are tips to help get you headed in the right direction.

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1. Quality

The handles of your chafing dish buffet set should be high quality and easy for guests to grab. Some of the best materials out there include high-quality American steel.

2. Appearance

The appearance of your set should be stylish and elegant looking. Your chafing dish buffet set needs to complement any decor in your facility. Thankfully, there are several different styles and finishes to choose from.

3. Size

You’ll also want to make sure that your set fits the size of the areas you use. For example, rectangular pieces can fit on top of bars and different tabletops. Alternatively, round chafing dishes can fit in smaller spaces.

Another sizing concern to keep in mind is your food pan fit. Make sure you have a good fit when buying a new chafing dish. Most standard hotel food pans fit in the chafing dish.

4. Transportation

Ask yourself, is the site in-house, or will the equipment be transported from site to site? You’ll need to think about different tubs and totes you might have to transport these items in.

5. Heating Options

Chafing dish buffet sets can have different heating sources such as electricity, burners, or induction heating. Choose the option that makes the most sense for your needs.

Your chafing dish is not the only top-quality product you need- don’t forget your utensils- spoons, and tongs, so your guests can have a good grip.

Chafing dishes and other catering accessories are a growing interest in today’s hospitality industry. Thankfully, you can find the best quality products for all of your catering and serving needs through Rosseto. After all, Rosseto has all the best chafing dishes you will ever need for your events.

5 Uses for Elegant Chafing Dishes

It may appear that there is not much to say about chafing dishes, but truth be told – it can probably be the most exciting and useful way of buffet presentation there is. Why? Because a chafing dish is more than just about serving. So, without any further ado – here are 5 different uses for chafing dishes that can help you upgrade your entire buffet display.
elegant chafing dishes

Controlling food quality 

The guests that use your buffet services never judge you by the time the food was made, they don’t even have that information. For them, the food should be served warm and fresh whether it was made a couple of hours ago or just now. That is why a buffet chafing dish can be the perfect solution for your catering needs that will keep the quality of the food that you serve as high as it was the moment it was cooked.

Elegant presentation

Every caterer knows that serving different kinds of food next to each other can sometimes create an unappealing presentation, an outcome we would probably choose to avoid when dealing with a buffet. Luckily, with the help of an elegant chafing dish display, you can achieve a cleaner and more appealing presentation for your buffet display.

elegant chafing dishes display

Sauces serving

The sauce is probably the trickiest thing to serve while holding a buffet serving. There’s always spilling danger when it comes to sauces, especially when your guests serve themselves. A chafing dish will save you and your guests some valuable time.

Warming bread and buns

Whether it’s a casual breakfast or even a formal dinner, bread is almost a mandatory item to have in a buffet serving. Your guests will expect it, and they will expect to receive it warm and crunchy. A chafing dish can successfully answer your guests’ expectations when it comes to having a warm bun next to their salad.

Seafood serving

Seafood may not be everyone’s first choice at the buffet tables, but with the right presentation, it can become the hit of every buffet. The majority of your guests already start “eating with their eyes” the moment they first approach the buffet tables, and with the help of an elegant chafing dish and the right order, they will line up at the seafood table.

Alternative Chafing Dishes for Better Presentation

Plainly and simply put – the guests arriving to enjoy your buffet, whether they are having their breakfast, lunch, or dinner, would like to know that they are getting delicious and fresh food. They would probably not care how fresh or tasty the food is if by any chance they will end up getting their food cold. That is why it is important that every catering service, whether it is in a hotel or a restaurant, will be able to control the temperature of the food that they are serving. In other words – they should have chafing dishes. And there is more than one reason why.

Food Warming Never Looked More Elegant

Sure, the main goal of a chafing dish is to keep the food that you are serving to your customers warm. But that does not mean we can’t enjoy any of the other benefits of having chafing dishes at our buffet service, right? Considering the fact that every caterer would love to have the opportunity to create an elegant buffet display that will look tempting and inviting for their guests – chafing dishes may just be the perfect solution to answer your catering needs. They will help you and your staff keep things more organized and clean while guests are arriving at your buffet tables to help themselves to your delicious food. They will also allow you to create a unique and glamorous display on your tables with the selection of different designs and shapes you can choose from while picking the perfect chafing dishes to complete your catering equipment and unique style.

Warm and Fresh Food is the Best Presentation You Need

In the end, what is a chafing dish if not a serving plate that keeps food warm and fresh as it was first made? We can go on and on about different styles of food presentation and how chafing dishes will help you present your food in the most elegant and tempting way, but eventually – it all comes down to the food. A high-quality chafing dish will keep your food tasty and as warm as it should be, so your presentation will be perfect, with no need for any other decorations – just with the help of good food and chafing dishes. So, let the chafing dishes do all the work – for you.


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