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Rosseto’s New Line of Food Buffet Warmers Burners Is Heating up the Buffet Table Scene, Matching Functionality With Fabulous Designs That Can’t Be Beaten.

Whether you’re preparing to warm up an amuse-bouche last minute, or preparing a dish to serve, you’ll want to provide your customers with the best, highest-quality and more aesthetically appealing way to keep their eats hot and tasty. Add height, versatility and excitement to your buffet warming stations, with Rosseto’s new line of induction burners. Lightweight and easy to clean, our induction burners use precise warming technology to heat your food faster and more evenly, while saving on power consumption. And, as our induction stands can be connected to our Skycap and Multi-chef systems, you can create unlimited creative displays that keep your food warm, while ever looking fabulous. Once you experience the wonders of warming with induction, you’ll never want to use fuel burners again!

Food Buffet Warmers: A Guide to Warming Stations

Restaurantscaterers and event planners have long relied on chafing dishes to keep food warm for guests, but the effectiveness of the classic chafing dish has made it a victim of its own success.

For years, banquets have trotted out the same food and buffet warmers, and sometimes this makes the design of an event feel a little flat. That’s why we have completely overhauled the design of our food and buffet warmers so that your events aren’t forced to compromise on style anywhere.

Here is everything you need to know about designing an event around our stylish buffet warmers, and how to get the most out of your food warming stations.

The Psychology Behind Perfect Buffet Design

A key element to any party or event is where you put the food, and how you arrange it. Remember, people like to congregate where the food is, so you must account for traffic patterns. Sometimes, this is a good thing: Small plates and small bites invite guests to mingle. For larger meals, however, you want to design your warming stations so that there are no bottlenecks.

This, of course, will be dependent on the type of event and the food served. People usually grab and go from the Sunday brunch buffet. At a wedding reception, however, the buffet area might simply be one of the social zones in the room, so you might need to space out your warming zones so people can linger comfortably.

A Solution for Every Meal

No matter the type of event or the food served, there is a food warmer that will fit your needs. A portable food warmer works nicely if you need to break down a buffet mid-event — say if organizers need to make room for a dance floor.

For events in the middle of winter, guests love a warm soup to combat the cold outside. A soup warmer is a must, then. These will keep soups the right temperature for hours, so anyone coming back for seconds (or thirds) will enjoy soups as hot as if they had just come off the stove top.

When you have limited space — or if you’re strategically setting up mingling zones — a countertop food warmer can be a good way to let people with similar tastes (literally) come together around a specific dish.

food and buffet warmers in a wine room

The Role Design Plays in This

First impressions are so important at banquets and events. When you can wow your guests with your presentation, you set the tone for the rest of the meal and the rest of the day.

It also shines a big spotlight on the food. Our burner stands have eye-catching finishes such as brushed steel and black matte to put a sturdy foundation of style under your warmers. Additionally, our acrylic and glass surfaces will elevate and display the food with style and elegance.

In an effort to cater to any need and any situation, we have warmer systems that come in various shapes, colors, sizes and designs. Whatever your needs, we can put together a collection of food and buffet warmers to give your guests a great experience.

Keeping Safe When Using Food and Buffet Warmers

One last element of the guest experience is simple safety. An unattended flame or a poorly-placed warmer could burn someone. Here are a few tips to help:
• An 8 oz. can of sterno will burn for at least 2 hours. Keep this in mind for shorter events (you’ll have to extinguish them) or longer events in which they would need to be replaced.
• The ideal temperature for food in a warmer is above 140 degrees Fahrenheit, but not above 160 degrees.
• Don’t leave open flames unattended, especially when children are around.
• When lifting the top of a chafing dish, soup pot, or anything else containing hot food, open carefully so the escaping steam doesn’t burn you or anyone else.

Wholesale Food Warmers

Food warmers are used to keep food warm and are great for several purposes, whether privately when throwing a big dinner for family and friends and whether for commercial uses, at restaurants and hotels, for example. Food warmers are meant to keep the food warm, at the exact right temperature to keep it warm but not to cook it any further – that way, the food won’t catch any bacteria when it is waiting to be consumed but will still remain warm enough to eat.

Food Warmers for Industrial Purposes

There are many industrial institutions that use food warmers. For example, you can find food warmers in hotels’ dining rooms, as the kitchen displays the dishes in those food warmers from which the guests of the hotel are welcome to treat themselves with whatever they choose – just like the idea of a buffet.

Additionally, food warmers are used inside the kitchen to keep parts of the different courses warm, until it is time to put the dish together. Food warmers come in different shapes and sizes so every restaurant and every kitchen can find exactly what they need. There are various kinds of food warmers as they are fitted to keep different types of food warm, like meat, soups, gravies, and more.

High Technology Combined with Elegance

The new food warmers are based on new technology, which allows various display options while providing optimal heat distribution. They offer high tech quality alongside beautiful designs – modern, elegant, and stylish. You can choose the warmers by color, size, shape, and design so they will perfectly suit your style and needs.

Wholesale Custom Food Warmers

There is a very wide selection of customizable food warmers for any kitchen for various purposes. Now is the time to take your restaurant’s food display one step forward by introducing innovative food warmers made of acrylic materials or glass, alongside heat resistant grills.

There are stainless steel warmers which enable displaying several pans, pots, or serving plates on them. All you’ve got to do is choose the right set of food warmers for your business. Of course when you buy food warmers for your restaurant you can get them on wholesale, as you buy everything you need and get a great price for it.

Not Only for Restaurants

These efficient inventions may be found at any restaurant but are not limited to restaurants. There are lots of industries that use food warmers, for example, many companies use it in their employees’ dining rooms, as well as hotels, country clubs, catering companies, mobile food trucks, schools’ dining rooms, and the like.

Not Only WarmingFood warmers, as odd as this may sound, are not meant only to keep food warm but also to keep it cold. Yes, there are food warmers which can keep things cold, such as beverages to ideally meet clients’ needs.

Whatever your needs might be – consult with one of our pros and get the perfect solution!

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