Beverage Dispensers: Wow Your Guests

A stylish set of beverage dispensers are a sure way to wow even your most discerning guests.

Consider just the visual impact: A glass beverage dispenser or even a plastic beverage dispenser with stand displays proudly the thoughtful drinks your team has come up with, and this invites a taste from just about everyone.

Then, there is the actual act of pouring and getting a drink. A 3 gallon beverage dispenser lets guests control and portion out however much they want when they want — no waiting on a member of the service staff. This lets your team focus on making sure the infused waters, lemonades, iced teas and cocktails you serve are of the highest quality, and not rushed out to meet demand.

The key is to ensure the functionality of a beverage dispenser matches its wow factor.

The Importance of Quality for Beverage Dispensers

Like all Rosseto products, our beverage dispensers are made from the best materials in the industry. They are sturdy enough to stand up to your toughest guests (and staff).

We knew at the outset it would be necessary to build this kind of sturdiness into the design. Any hiccups in the design can cause spills, slow pours, and bottlenecks at your drink station.

So, we build a range of modern beverage dispensers that will keep your event running smoothly. Each beverage dispenser is made from top-grade acrylic and comes with a unique stainless steel lid-lock to prevent spills. We offer high quality drip trays made from both acrylic and stainless steel to keep your displays clean.

We are so confident in our materials that we extend a lifetime warranty on all welding. Industry professionals have trusted our products for more than 10 years, and our line of beverage dispensers can be found in hotels and restaurants around the globe, from Hilton to the Four Seasons.

Design Best Practices: Mixing and Matching Dispensers to Suit Your Event

Our beverage dispensers can be mixed and matched with our complete collection of risers and surfaces. This lets you create endless combinations of custom looks, as unique as your events.

You can choose from stainless steel, bamboo, acrylic or black matte in a variety of shapes and sizes, too. We suggest using two beverage dispensers to anchor your buffet and fill with seasonal fruit or whole spices to add pops of color and flavor. Iced tea beverage dispensers and lemonade dispensers for a summery outdoor event, for example.


The Perfect Brunch Drink, In Large Quantities

If you’re hosting a breakfast/brunch event, consider creating the ultimate Bloody Mary station. You can do this with our Bamboo beverage dispensers. And if you need a little inspiration, check out the Proud Mary recipe Eric Tecosky of Jones Hollywood shares at Forbes. This take on the Bloody Mary can be made in large batches easily.


Offer Your Guests Welcome Drinks

Give your guests a little something extra and offer a warm welcome in your lobby or reception area with a beverage station. Anchor each side of the station with a large beverage dispenser and add a single surface for glassware or snacks. Our beverage dispensers are easy to transport and clean, making it simple to serve juice in the morning and infused water or light iced tea in the afternoon.


Make Your Dinner Buffet Pop

Add visual appeal to your dinner buffet with our Pyramid Beverage Dispensers in Black Matte or Stainless Steel. You can add a separate beverage station or simply add a single large beverage dispenser with refreshing infused water to cleanse the palate.

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