The Importance of Quality Over Quantity

In a business environment, your reputation for being a savvy consumer or a reliable vendor rests on the quality of the product you purchased or sold. However, in today’s society, the prevailing raison d’être for a business is to make as much money you can as quickly as possible. High quality products that take a lot of time to make may not seem like the most viable option for business owners when they could just as easily produce a cheap knock-off. However, before you go ahead and purchase poorly-made, low-quality products, take a few minutes to consider a few factors:

Marketers prey upon consumer naivete

According to researcher Helene Deval from Dalhousie University and her colleagues, consumers use limited information and a variety of illogical strategies to fill the gaps in their knowledge of a product. One strategy in particular, naive theory, uses informal, common-knowledge explanations in order to explain a certain situation. When they see a product successfully selling, they believe that the product is high in quality. However, they also believe that a product that is hard to find to be high-quality. Marketers can use this information in addition to various sales tactics to influence a consumer’s decision. With Rosseto Serving Solutions®, you don’t have to worry about marketing ploys. Every product is built with the highest quality standards in the industry. The vast majority of our stainless steel and metal products are made right here in America.

Quality is always at the forefront of design

Some of the highest quality products ever made introduced beautiful, innovative designs to the world for the first time. For example, Apple’s chief designer Jonathan Ive, saw the tech market was flooded with cheap looking, plastic devices that did not inspire consumers to aspire to any great ideals. He transformed Apple products by trading in his products’ plastic frames and exteriors with a minimalist aluminum design, showing the masses what the future of technology will look like. Rosseto does the same with its products. Stylish stainless steel bases and frames support the acrylic containers and patented polished steel dispensers. This timeless design will never go out of fashion and will spark the imagination of your consumers.

At the end of the day, sacrificing quality is never a good idea. By relying on high-end, commercial-grade items like the ones Rosseto Serving Solutions is proud to make, you set yourself at a higher standard, above the rest of the competition.

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