5 Wedding Buffet Ideas

Everybody dreams about having the perfect wedding, and you may be surprised, but it’s important to men, also. The main thing about your wedding, as most couples tend to think, is having a great and memorable time both for yourselves and for your guests.

You may choose the perfect outfit, select the best venue, rely on the best bridesmaids, but you should always pay extra attention to what interests most people the most – food, and something to drink, while they’re at it.

Wedding Buffet – The Best Ideas

After having seen dozens of wedding buffets we can quite honestly tell you that people make mistakes, and that it’s quite easy to avoid them. Here are a couple of thoughts about how to set up your wedding buffet so your guests will be happy:

Avoid linear queues: linear queues make guests impatient. Try offering several buffet tables that carry the same selection of food but are located in different places, so people can enjoy greater access without having to wait in line.

Separate drinks from food: offering food and drinks in the same place creates a mess and unhappy guests. Try offering drinks on a dedicated table that will be separated from the food tables. Otherwise, try putting several bottles of different kinds on each sitting table, or have your caterer’s servers pour drinks to guests on request, this way you’ll make your guests happier.

Make it easy for your guests: offer accessible plates, glasses, and cutlery, so your guests can easily make it on their own without having to wait or rely on servers.

Presentation: make sure you have an attractive presentation by using a professional buffet set up. When your guests see a well-planned presentation they will be more inclined to enjoy the food you offer them.

Consider separating deserts, also: deserts attract a lot of foot traffic. Almost every guest will want to try something sweet, so make sure your desert station is separated from other attractions and offers sufficient access.


With these wonderful ideas all you’re missing is the right bride or groom!

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