Avant Guarde™ 60" Clear Semi-Transparent Polycarbonate Tabletop Divider, includes Stainless Steel Brackets - TD011

Avant Guarde™ 360° has been designed to make adding safety shields even easier. With a special adhesive, you can place the shield brackets on any size surface and adjust coverage as needed. Simply slide in the lightweight polycarbonate panels, no tools required. Add additional panels for extended seating arrangements with our patented Cross Connector. Remove easily with no glue residue or surface damage.

  • Lightweight polycarbonate (0.16 thickness)
  • Easy to install with NO tools required!
  • Can use on any surface for any size table
  • Double sided adhesive for easy application and removal
  • Low cost
  • Durable materials
  • Modern design
  • Add more panels for extended seating with Cross Connector
  • Can extend panels beyond table edge for additional side by side protection



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