Convenience Store

Convenience Store

Bulk food is a hot trend! The way people eat and snack is changing and every food-focused industry is trying to keep up. New demands for fresh, healthy- but fast options have created the world of Grab-N-Go. Bulk food fits right into this concept as a way to offer a variety of sweets and snacks to guests and increase sales. Rosseto line of dry food dispensers, bulk bins and Bulk Shop Systems are making it easier than ever to sell bulk food in your convenience store and mini- markets.

Types of Bulk Food Displays

  • Complete Gondola Shelf Kits that feature customizable bulk bins and shelves
  • Bulk Bin Shelving Kits that fit into existing Lozier and Madix shelving units
  • Wall-mounted or tabletop dry food dispensers for smaller snack, candy and topping displays when you have less space to work with

Rosseto’s BulkshopTM

  • Easy to Install
  • Patented portion control technology that ensures that your customers get a consistent portion every time, which helps control food costs. (no other competitor offers this feature!)
  • Economical so you can get the maximum space for a small investment
  • Modern design that is modular and can be customized to fit your sales displays and store themes

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