How to Set Up a Juice Bar in Your Health Spa

If you own and operate a high-end health spa, you want to create an environment that promotes relaxation and the body’s natural restorative processes. The healing qualities of deep-tissue massages, facials, mud baths and pedicures can be multiplied by providing nutrient-rich drinks after each service. Setting up a bar that has beverage dispensers full of fresh juice and other healthy drinks will create a lasting impression on all your patrons.

Here are some tips to help you set up a juice bar at your high-end health spa:


Select a designer

Picking the right designer for the job takes a bit of planning and research. Before you begin your search, consider all the elements of your juice bar. What kind of materials and equipment will you use? What style do you want to implement in your layout? If your establishment attracts a particular demographic that is used to paying for high-quality service, you’ll want to use products that exude the same level of sophistication. Rosseto Serving Solutions offers a range of beverage dispensers that feature the modern elegance of natural bamboo and polished steel. Bring this type of information to your meetings with potential designers.

After you’ve gathered all the pertinent information for your layout, you can begin interviewing designers. Limit your search by visiting designers who come recommended and have an impeccable reputation.

Choose natural, nutrient-rich beverages

Many health spas believe that water is the only drink to serve in their establishment. However, there are many beverages and juices that can also revitalize the body. By providing these for your clients, you replenish any essential vitamins and minerals lost during a restorative service. Your bar should include freshly squeezed juice from superfoods such a blueberries, blackberries, carrots and spinach. You should also have fruit infused water dispenser or green tea on your menu because it contains plenty of antioxidants that protect cells from carcinogens, helps neutralize the effects of free radicals in the body and relaxes blood vessels.

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