Satisfying the Coffee Shop Crowd at Breakfast

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. For some breakfast is a feast of eggs, bacon and pancakes, for others it’s a half caf vanilla soy latte and a pastry. By providing a range of breakfast options, hotels can accommodate more of their guests and increase their overall satisfaction.

Consider a Coffee Bar

Many hotels such as Hilton, Sheraton and Marriott offer guests their favorite Starbucks drinks without ever having to leave the hotel. According to Hotel F&B, the CityFlatsHotel in Grand Rapids, MI has found great success in offering premium coffee drinks right at the front desk. Guests appreciate the opportunity to order espresso drinks in the lobby rather than making a trip to a local coffee ship.

Rosseto Cofee house bakery display

Don’t Forget the Pastries

For the on-the-go crowd, pairing their cappuccino with a bagel or croissant on the way to their next meeting gives the feeling of a meal rather than just a cup of joe. Flaky croissants, seasonal muffins and loafs, even breakfast sandwiches are filling bakery cases across the country.  Offering these grab and go options with a seasonal twist, like pumpkin muffins, – or a healthy kick, like egg whites and turkey sausage, is a recipe sure to please.

Keep it Fresh

Keeping your bagels, pastries, and other bakery offerings fresh is key to delivering a quality experience for your guests. Rosseto® Bakery Building Blocks do just that. The clear acrylic drawers keep your pastries fresh while the black acrylic and bamboo options elevate the look of your bakery station.

bakery station

Rosseto® is well-known for modular, expandable designs and the Bakery Building Block is no exception. These blocks are specially designed to allow you to build your bakery station exactly how you want it. The interlocking cases stack together securely and the single or double drawer options allow you to create a variety of combinations. Add Rosseto® Surfaces and Cereal Dispensers to expand your bakery station into a full breakfast buffet.

Not Just for Breakfast

Consider Rosseto® Bakery Building Blocks for your front desk too. The sleek, polished look is a great way to present cookies or treats to your guests upon check-in. The slide-open acrylic drawer maintains freshness and eliminates mess. Interested in Bakery Building Blocks? Reach out to a Rosseto expert today. 

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