How to Organize a Party Beverage Station With Rosseto Drink Dispensers

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Quench your guests’ thirst in style with stunning beverage dispensers by Rosseto

There are a few ingredients every great party must contain: great eats, flowing drinks and a guest list that melds, regardless of the venue or occasion. Today, we’re going to focus on helping you organize the best possible beverage station for your next party – everything you need to know to keep your guests sufficiently hydrated and happy. After all, a drink in hand is any event’s best conversation starter!

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Choose the drinks you wish to serve at your party

Your party’s beverage selection may vary depending on the type of event you hold. For example, juices, flavored water and soda are perfectly appropriate for a child’s birthday, but cocktails and even mocktails are not. Select approximately five beverages that meet your guests’ diverse drinking needs. Trending right now: fresh-squeezed juice stations, DIY alcoholic beverage stations, tea and fermented drink stations, and flavored water, infused with fresh-cut vegetables, fruit and/or greens.

Decide how your beverages will be served

Will you have a bartender pouring beverages to order? Will there be servers walking to and from a party beverage station before milling about with already poured-out drinks to offer? Will your party beverage station be self-service, for guests to approach on their own, choose the drink or drinks they like and dispense as they please? Your decision regarding how your beverages will be served at your party will inform how they will be stored and accessed, from before the first guest’s arrival and until after the last guest has left.

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Select the equipment you’ll need for your party beverage station

Create a party beverage station that ideally mixes functionality with fabulousness, by presenting your selection of drinks in clear beverage dispensers. Rosseto’s lines of two-gallon and three-gallon beverage dispensers are perfect for parties of all sizes. They come in varying shapes and with stunning, creative bases that you can match to any event’s theme and guest list. Line up your beverage dispensers alongside actual food pairings or written recommendations. Clearly label each drink, so your guests know exactly what they’re pouring into their glasses.


Other party beverage station equipment you will need:

  • Glasses or plastic cups (for informal and child-oriented parties)
  • Measuring equipment for your staff to prepare the beverages before the big event
  • Ice – some guests like a chilled drink, while others prefer lukewarm beverages. Also, provide a dish and scoop for the ice, to be placed on the party beverage station.
  • Stirring utensils
  • Straws
  • Napkins

Want to organize a party beverage station your guests won’t be able to stop raving about?

Contact Rosseto and ask about our two-gallon and three-gallon beverage dispensers, as well as our other buffet and service equipment, today!





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