Making Your Dining Location Marketable to Millennials

In today’s competitive market, restaurateurs and hotel dining hall managers are looking for different ways to sustain and grow their businesses. One of the most effective ways of doing this is forming a solid customer base that is loyal with the potential to expand. Now more than ever, the millennial generation, also known as Generation Y, are making their presence felt as consumers, bringing a lot of spending power and influencing dining trends seemingly overnight.

From fast food chains to nationally recognized hotel restaurants, nearly every business in the dining industry is catering to the millennial generation. The numbers explain it all. There are approximately 98 million of them in the U.S., ranging from early teens to mid 30s. This makes them one the largest generations in America.

The Typical Millennial

According to, millennials are confident in their abilities as professionals, are optimistic about future prospects and are seasoned multitaskers. Because many millennials were raised learning how to maneuver through the Internet and have been using cell phones at an early age, it’s reasonable to say they are also technologically savvy.

EZ-PRO-Toppings-Style-(4)Restaurateurs and restaurant marketers should not underestimate millennials’ connection to their technology. Many use multiple social networking platforms and mobile media to learn about trends, great places to eat and the quality of service of a location. News can spread like wildfire in the hands of millennials. While many people believe that such a relationship with technology has decreased the attention spans of Generation Y, it has remarkably increased a sense of connection to the places they shop, dine and find entertainment. They use Facebook, Twitter and Google+ networks to tell their friends about their experiences and enjoy interacting with owners and managers of retail stores and restaurants.

Reaching Generation Y Teenagers and Adults


Millennials like having things done their way, and Rosseto Serving Solutions can help you meet those needs. Our line of dispensers are elegantly designed and made with only the highest quality acrylic and steel parts. If you have a wide variety of toppings at your ice cream shop, Rosseto’s topping dispensers allow you to show your customers exactly what you have on your menu in a visually stimulating and appetizing way. Patented cushion-wheel mechanisms keep air out and freshness in, and allow users to deliver precise measurements every time.

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