How to Open a Candy Shop Taking Into Consideration All of the New Laws and Regulations

After watching Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, who hasn’t dreamed about owning their own candy store? What a fantastic way to spend your day – making people smile while they choose their favorite treats.


How you sell your products or design your business is entirely up to you. You can let your imagination run wild when you open a candy shop. Due to the candy manufacturing industry’s $20 billion annual revenue, many entrepreneurs have found “sweet” success.


Historically, candy shops have been colorful and happy places for all ages. But, in today’s post-pandemic world, there are new candy shop regulations that must be considered. After all, as a candy shop owner or manager, the health and well-being of your guests will always need to be a number one priority.


Thankfully, Rosseto has all the products you need to be on top of the new covid standards and candy shop regulations. Different kinds of dispensers, including a hands-free candy dispenser, can be found at Rosseto.

Open a Candy Shop by Following These 10 Steps

If you’re wondering how to open a candy shop, taking into consideration all of the new laws and regulations, Rosseto is here to help. You can follow candy shop regulations in opening a store of your own, following these ten steps.

1. Plan Your Candy Store

If you want to open a candy shop the first step will be to plan out your business. Some important topics you should cover in your business plan include:


  • The name of your candy store

  • Who your target market is

  • How much you will charge customers

  • What your startup and ongoing costs will be

2. Form your Candy Store into a Legal Entity

Once you’ve planned out your candy store, it’s time to form it into a legal entity. There are a few different options you have when it comes to legal entities, including:


  • Corporation

  • LimitedLiability Company (LLC)

  • Partnership

  • Sole proprietorship

3. Register your Candy Store for Taxes

Taxes are inevitable, even when you want to open a candy shop. Once you’ve formed your candy store into a legal entity you’ll need to register for taxes. Before you open for business, you’ll have to apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN).

4. Open a Business Bank Account & Credit Card

Once you have an EIN for your business, it’s time to open a bank account and credit card. Having dedicated banking for your business will help to protect your personal assets. Also, when it comes to filing taxes, things will be easier for you if you have your banking separated.

5. Set Up Accounting for your Candy Store

To understand the financial performance of your business it’s critical to record your various expenses and sources of income. In addition to monitoring the performance of your candy shop, this will help to simplify your tax filing process as well.

6. Get the Necessary Permits & Licenses for Your Candy Store

If you don’t acquire the necessary permits and licenses for your candy shop you may be faced with hefty fines or even be forced to shut down. Avoid this by making sure you check both local and state business licensing requirements before you open a candy shop.

7. Get Candy Store Insurance

In order to operate safely and lawfully, all businesses must have insurance. The good news is that candy store insurance will help to protect your business’s financial wellbeing in the unfortunate event of a significant loss.

8. Define Your Candy Store Brand

A strong brand will help you stand out from your competitors. When you open a candy shop, competition is fierce. Defining your brand will help identify what your company stands for and how it will be perceived by the public.

9. Create Your Candy Store Website

As a part of your branding you should create a logo and then begin developing your website. All successful businesses today have a well established website. Don’t skimp on this part of creating a business of your own.

10. Set Up Your Business Phone System

Lastly, before you open your doors to your new candy shop you’ll need to set up your business phone system. There are plenty of options available out there, so be sure to shop around before deciding on the right service for your business.

How Rosseto Helps with Candy Shop Regulations

As industry leaders, Rosseto has the candy shop solution you’ve been waiting for. Check out Rosseto’s line of candy dispensers today!

Sizing for All Needs

Rosseto offers an array of  candy dispenser size options. Ensure the quality of your candy by considering the sizing of your containers.

Hands-Free Service

In a post-pandemic environment, hands-free serving solutions are more essential than ever. Thankfully, Rosseto offers a hands-free dispenser for candy that will have your candy shop up to local health regulations in no time.

Aesthetically Pleasing Design

All Rosseto products are designed with an innovative and modern approach to traditional serving solutions. Never compromise style or functionality when you choose Rosseto.

Easy to Clean Design

Safety is important to us too which is why we have made sure all of our designs are easy to clean—no more hard-to-reach crevices in our dispensers.

Preserve Freshness of Products

All of our products have been specifically designed to preserve the freshness of the goods. With airtight seals on all of our lids, you can be rest assured your candy will stay fresh in our containers.


Now that you have found the perfect business idea, you are ready to move forward. It takes more than registering your business with the state to open a candy shop. Use our guide to start your candy store. Ensuring that your new business is well planned out, legally compliant, and properly registered will ensure success.


Thankfully, it’s easy to stay within candy shop regulations using Rosseto’s products. Rosseto has the best dispensers to open a candy shop and keep it a safe, colorful, and a beautiful place for all.

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