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Think about your buffet setting, think how beautiful and appealing it is and how everything is organized in a way that allows your guests to move more easily between the different buffet tables. Now think about how many times each guest will pass through your buffet setting during the day. Think about how much food they will be serving themselves each time, about how much food they will leave on their plate after they finish eating, and about how much food they will leave on the buffet table while they serve themselves their favorite dish. Think about all this wasted food and how it will eventually find its way to the garbage. Now multiply it by the number of guests that are expected to pass through your restaurant or hotel each day. Now each week. Now each month, and eventually – each year. That is a lot of waste, isn’t it?

The “good” news is you’re not alone. Approximately 33% of the food in the world goes to waste. Luckily, here at Rosseto we have a few solutions for this problem, but first, we need to understand why it is so important to stop wasting food.

Dry food dispensers

The Most Important Reason – The Environment

Food waste is an economic burden, no doubt. But that’s not the only reason.

It may seem that food wasting is not as polluting as other things we usually hear about on the news that have a strong effect on the environment (such as plastics, oil, etc.), but the truth is – it is actually even more polluting, and the main reason for that –  is the amount. Wasted food releases gasses which are one of the main things that contribute to global warming. That is why the more food that is wasted – the more greenhouse gas gets released into the atmosphere.

How Rosseto Can Help You Save the Environment

So, what can you do? Well, with the help of Rosseto’s food dispensers – you can now make your first steps into saving the environment. How? First, our food dispensers will allow your guests to dispense the exact amount of food they need for their meal without any extras that will eventually remain on the plate or on the table while serving. Secondly, Rosseto’s food dispensers can help you maintain your food fresh for a longer period of time and reduce the amount of food you will end up throwing each month to the garbage. That way you can save money, food, and the environment!

It is time to go green with Rosseto’s food dispensers, contact us today for more information!

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