Current Food and Beverage Trends in the Hospitality Industry

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Do you know how to meet this year’s food & beverage (F&B) trends and keep your hospitality business in line with the new normal?

The F&B industry has experienced significant changes lately. Due to COVI-19-, a new standard of hosting has been introduced.  In an effort to meet custumers’ new demands, clear dividers have been created, dishes have been transformed into healthier or more decadent versions of their former selves, beverage dispensers have been modified, and presentation has become as important as what is actually being served. After all, safety comes first!

To help your hospitality business survive the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve put together a short list of the top F&B trends you should definitely know about and put in place to meet your food service needs.

6 Current Food And Beverage T rends

This article will provide a list of the seven top food and beverage trends we are seeing in the industry today. While it does not represent the whole of the CPG industry, it is definitely a significant part of it.

1. Safer dining area

As guests begin making their return to hotels, they arrive with expectations. They trust the hotel is taking all precautions and is ready to keep them safe and healthy during their stay. Make sure to rise to the new standard of hosting.  Equip your dining halls with safety dividers on dining tables, buffet shields to protect food during service, sneeze guards to prevent the spread of germs, hands-free dispensers to minimize contact, and an air purifier solution, like Rosseto’s Ionsphere™ to make sure there are no threats in the room.

2. Reducing waste

As customers are now more environmentally and socially active, sustainability has become critical to a positive guest experience. For your F&B business, that means reducing waste wherever possible. There are a number of ways to do this, from displaying items in bulk bins and food and beverage dispensers, to cooking with the whole animal and plant, as much as possible. If your ingredients can be locally sourced, you’ll be making many more customers even happier than they already are.

3. Plant-based foods

In recent years, vegetarianism and veganism have become all the rage. As such, if you want your F&B business to succeed, you’ll have to ensure you always have plant-based items on your menu – and they must be packed with flavor, color, and freshness. You can go the raw vegetable route, or create cooked preparations that highlight the vegetable as your dish’s hero. These include plant-based faux meats, soups, and even roasted vegetable creations. The more creative you get, the greater your customer satisfaction levels will be.

4. Healthier fast casual

There’s nothing that beats the satisfaction of biting into fast food except of course biting into a dish that screams fast that’s actually healthy for you! Enter the world of healthier fast casual, where fresh eats meat crave-worthy street food. A veggie burger and kale chips, turkey shawarma stuffed inside a whole wheat wrap, and more. The options are endless!

5. Fermented beverages and teas

Another major trend in the F&B world is ensuring your customers benefit from all aspects of their culinary experience which includes proper digestion. Present guests with fermented beverages and teas, especially those containing probiotics and kombucha. Display your health-conscious drinks in clear and clearly labeled beverage dispensers, filled with added fruit slices, herbs, ice cubes, or other tummy-friendly decorative items

6. Grab-and-go and self-service

Today’s consumers are busy. They don’t want to wait to be served, but they do want access to great, fresh foods 24/7. Consider implementing a micro market or self-service kiosk at your place of business, one that can be accessed at all times and is stocked with cold and hot treats, presented in cooling dishes, chafing trays and food and beverage dispensers. This trend may require a little technological know-how to streamline, but it is well worth the effort in the long-run.

Rosseto can help your hospitality business meet this year’s hottest trends

Rosseto’s creative and innovative lines of buffet equipment, dividers, risers, warming and cooling trays, beverage and food dispensers and more are designed to meet every F&B trend head-on. Choose from a wide variety of materials, colors and styles to match your hospitality offering to a particular venue, event, or theme, and watch your customer satisfaction ratings soar.

Please let us know if you know of any other current food and beverage trends that we should mention.

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