17 of the Coolest Cereal Cafes from Around the World


World’s Best Cereal Cafes And Bars

There are few breakfast foods that have such universal memories for Americans than cereal.

For generations, kids have poured Cap’n Crunch before watching cartoons on a Saturday or reached for the Lucky Charms before heading off to school.

Many adults still enjoy the simplicity of this breakfast, which is filling and ready in minutes.

The popularity of cereal & cereal dispensers has caught the eye of entrepreneurs, from the Cereal Killer Cafe in London to KITH Treats in New York City.

Cereal cafes & bars, trucks and events have popped up all over America and the world. Check out our list of the top 17 cereal bars across the globe, and stop in to visit one next time you’re in the area.

1. Cereality

Founded in 2003, Cereality boasts that it’s more than a cereal restaurant, but rather a way of life. Based in Houston with franchises across the country, pajama-clad Cereologists help guests assemble their creations, and then customers add the type and amount of milk they want for a perfect breakfast experience.

2. Mix N Munch

Jumping on the comfort feed trend, Mix N Munch opened in 2010 as the world’s first cereal bar and grilled cheese cafe. Located in South Pasadena, California, this is one of the more affordable brunch cereal bar restaurants in the area. Start with a bowl of cereal for breakfast and then order a grilled cheese for lunch.

3. KITH Treats

KITH Treats in New York City boasts 23 different kinds of cereals, 22 assorted toppings, and four milk options; however, they’re just getting started when it comes to ordering combinations. They specialize in combining ice cream with cereal, turning this sweet breakfast into a fun dessert.

4. Papaccino’s

Papaccino’s has something for adults, kids, and kids at heart. There’s an area for kids to play in when you visit, creative latte options and a cereal bar for all ages. Based in Portland, Oregon, Papaccino’s is known to have a wide selection of coffees, teas, pastries, and cereals to choose from.

5. Bowl-N-Spoon

The first cereal bar in Oklahoma, the Bowl-N-Spoon offers cereal as well as paninis to guests. Spend your Saturday morning here with 30 different kinds of cereals, 20 different toppings and all morning cartoons reminiscent of your childhood. You can find them in Tulsa.

6. R U Cereal Food Truck

According to their website, breakfast met dessert and had a food truck lovechild called R U Cereal. You can find them in Denver, typically stocked with supplies from local businesses and offering vegan and gluten-free options to their customers. One thing’s for sure: Their brightly-painted truck is hard to miss, so you won’t have a hard time finding them around the city.

7. Cereal From a Van

If you see Irwin, a 1969 Dodge A108, rolling past, you can follow him for a good bowl of cereal. The founders of Cereal from a Van sell 50 different types of cereal and travel to art festivals, events, and celebrations across the country. So far, they’ve been to Portland, Santa Barbara, and Austin.

8. The Java Break

Find The Java Break in Lawrence, Kansas, open 24 hours and one of the most affordable cereal bars out there. Pick up to three kinds of cereals, choose a topping and some milk, and then you’re set for less than $4. They also offer other food and coffee for you to try.

9. Cereal Cinema

While not technically a restaurant, Cereal Cinema is an event on the first Saturday of every month at The Athenaeum and the Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA). For $5, patrons can enjoy a classic movie and make a creation at the cereal bar, pairing two classic elements and creating great memories for families.

10. Cereal Killer Cafe

This was the first cereal cafe to arrive in the United Kingdom, and it continues to be a popular stop for tourists to London. They sell more than 100 different types of cereal from around the world, along with 30 varieties of milk and 20 different toppings. They also have a Cereal Killer Cafe cookbook with top recipes.

11. Black Milk Cereal

Cereal is just one aspect of Black Milk Cereal’s offering. They also have massive milkshakes, sundaes, s’mores and edible chocolate bowls. Guests can build their own or order one of their massive creative cocktails. They currently have three locations in Manchester, England.

12. Pop Cereal Cafe

Shortly after reaching England, the cereal cafe trend spread to the rest of Europe. Located in Lisbon, Portugal, the Pop Cereal Cafe opened with more than 100 cereal types and combinations. They’re located in one of the most lively neighborhoods of Lisbon, Bairro Alto, which has contributed to their success.

13. Bol and Bagel

Located in Clermont-Ferrand, France, Bol and Bagel is an upscale cereal bar. They also have a variety of cocktails, pastries, and sandwiches if you don’t feel like something sweet. This is a great date option and also a fun place to bring your kids.


14. Cereal Anytime

Cereal Anytime opened in Melbourne, Australia, and was the first cereal cafe in the area. It’s also known for its stuffed waffles (feel free to add anything from chocolate bits to Fruity Pebbles), along with candy bars, Pop-Tarts and other whimsical foods. It’s a great stop if you want to connect with a few of your favorite childhood treats.

15. Cereal Killa

Are you looking for milkshakes that overflow from their glasses all over your plate? Do you want those milkshakes to have the satisfying crunch that comes with your favorite cereal? If so, try Cereal Killa in Auckland, New Zealand. This cereal restaurant has massive milkshakes and other food to satisfy your cravings.

16. Cereal Killers DBN

Along with bowls of cereal, this cafe in South Africa proudly serves local coffee and creations from its bakers and chefs. Cereal Killers was the first cereal cafe in South Africa and has set the bar high. The cafe is family-owned and beloved by those in the neighborhood, making it a local hotspot along with a tourist destination.

17. Cereal Lovers

The Cereal Lovers bar opened in Madrid, Spain, in 2016 and has quickly grown in popularity. They might have one of the largest selections in the world, with more than 150 cereal types, 60 toppings, and 25 beverages. They offer plenty of non-dairy options, so almost anyone can find something to eat at this cafe.

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Do you know any other good cereal cafes and bars around the world? Let us know!

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