Bulk Bin Care

Bulk bins are a great addition to any store. But, in order to get the most out of your bins – you need to know how to take good care of them. We have compiled a short and concise list of the 3 most effective bulk bin care and maintenance tips. Here is how you can take excellent care of your bulk bins.

1. Schedule Cleaning Times

Cleaning your bulk bins can help keep high levels of hygiene, which are extremely important to maintain when you sell and serve food. That is why one of the first tips when it comes to bulk bins cleaning – is to do it regularly. Schedule a fixed time (either once a week or once every two weeks) for your employees to clean the store’s bulk bin dispensers. That way, you can enjoy clean and hygienic dispensers for the food you sell and for the comfort of your clients.

2. Use Water and Liquid Soap for Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning bulk bin dispensers it is important to use cleaning materials that won’t damage them. Staying consistent is important, because even though the damage might be minimal, using the wrong cleaning tools over time can lessen the life span of your bins. Even more than that, your bulk bin dispensers are used for storing food that will eventually reach people’s mouths and stomachs, which means that using the right materials for cleaning them becomes a matter of health and sanitation. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that using liquid soap, water, and a dry cloth is the best way to clean your store’s bulk bin dispensers. Harmful cleaners like bleach, and scrubbing tools like steel wool is not recommended.

3. Don’t Clean Them All at Once

Having clean dispensing products is vital to a healthy and safe food environment. Having product always available to your customers is vital to good business practices. On that note, make sure to stagger your cleaning times on the bulk bins. It is recommended to clean the bulk bins not currently being used so that the customer always has an offering. Bring clean bins out, refill your product, and bring the dirty ones to the back for cleaning, and repeat.


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