Bulk Bin Buyers

A lot has already been said about the bulk buying trend, and the foods one can buy in the bulk bin section at the nearest grocery store. But what about those who choose to buy food in bulk? What’s common to these consumers? And what is so special or good about it? The following article sheds some light on what characterizes bulk buyers and what they get out of it.

The Price is Right!

Costs, costs, costs – too many products are sold for a much higher price than what they should be sold for. And so, when fresh bulk foods are sold for the right price (meaning cheaper than packed foods), those smart consumers don’t see any reason to argue with such offers.

The Size is Right!

How many times did the packed food you’ve bought fail to contain enough of what you needed and you had to buy two packages, leaving you with unused extras? And how many times did the offered package or box of food were too much to begin with, and you had to throw half of it away because by the time you got to using the other half, it has already gone bad? Many, ha? That’s why the best thing about bulk buying is that you can choose how much of each ingredient you want to buy. And we mean exactly as much as you want.

The Environment is Cleaner

We all know that when it comes to packed foods, each company does the best it can in order to encourage us to buy their products, and that includes big, multi-layer packages, which in most cases are so unnecessary for the packed foods. Those ridiculously huge packages are one of the causes to pollution. And so, it is safe to say that when you choose to buy foods in bulk, you also do right by our planet.

If you haven’t started already – now is the time to buy foods in bulk and enjoy all the benefits this system offers, including treating our environment a little nicer. Bulk bin foods – the food tastes better, the planet does better – what’s better than that?

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