7 Best Ice Cream Toppings and the Best Way to Display Them

Everybody loves ice cream – kids, adults, elderly people – even our pets can’t resist it. And while every one of us likes a different flavor, we can pretty much agree about the best and most tasty ice cream toppings, even if every now and then we choose to go with different ones, just because we want to spice things up, so to speak. So, let us dive into the magical world of ice cream toppings!

ice cream toppings dispenser

The Fantastic 7!


Marshmallow – the contradiction between the soft texture of the marshmallow and the ice cream’s milky texture is what makes this topping one of the most loved and popular toppings there are.

Nuts – thanks to the mixed flavors of sweet and salty, this topping has become a must have in every ice cream parlor, you’ll be nuts not to try it!

Chocolate – the best topping EVER! It is one of those rare toppings that can be popular among both adults and kids.

Candy – talking about kids… How about giving them the option to add a colorful and playful touch to their ice cream with some candy toppings on top of it? They will love it and you will enjoy their excitement.

Caramel Chews – for those customers who wish to have more choices than just chocolate. Caramel is the perfect alternative for any customer who wants something a little bit different every once in a while.

Granola – some customers will prefer to have a healthier choice for their topping, while some simply love adding granola. Either way – you should have it at your ice cream parlor.

Coconut – there is nothing like giving your customers an option of some tropical flavor to add on top of their ice cream. Give them the possibility to add a little twist with coconut topping!

The Best Way to Display Ice Cream Topping

What better way is there to display the most popular ice cream toppings than using Rosseto’s beautiful topping dispensers? You can have an entire wall of colorful toppings dispensers that will attract customers to your shop and will allow them to serve themselves from a variety of different choices. It can also help you save some space for more customers and shorten waiting lines! With Rosseto’s topping dispensers you can have the perfect presentation for ice cream toppings without compromising on quality and taste. Contact us today for more information!

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