5 Wedding Buffet Setup Ideas That Will Impress Any Guest

The buffet at any wedding defines how memorable the wedding will be for the guests, and it all depends on how you set it up. At Rosseto, the hospitality serving experts, we’re here to help. We want to give you 5 wedding buffet setup ideas that will impress any guest.



Why Setup Is So Crucial


Choosing serving ware for your wedding buffet set up might seem like a simple enough task, but when you’re sticking to a tight budget, it can become quite challenging. Thankfully, we’re here to help. Here are 5 wedding buffet setup ideas to make your display memorable.


1. Know how to keep your food warm on the buffet table


Food can remain hot, and the buffet table for a wedding can still look good. There is no need to put giant warmers on the table. There are many options to keep food hot and still keep the styling of the wedding.

Check out Rosseto’s warmers and chafing dishes -the next generation of food warming technology. These ornately designed buffet options provide your guests with a functional and stylish alternative to the traditional buffet warmers.

chafing dishes to reamain food hot at a wedding buffet

2. Learn how to make a wedding candy buffet table


Despite what it sounds like, a wedding candy buffet table doesn’t need to look childish. It can be elegant and be a focal point that everyone will love. You can create a colorful themed buffet with various options using stylish candy dispensers or build your candy gondola with many candy options that go with the wedding theme.

For a beautiful display, you can use wall-mounted candy dispensers at your buffet table. These dispensers allow guests to pick and choose their candy options freely while ensuring your dry goods remain fresh throughout the entire event.


3. Create workstations


You can put the chefs at the buffet table to cook in real-time for all the guests. This idea works as a “workstation” where guests interact with the chef and watch him work.

Action stations have been named the future of event buffets, including weddings. You can theme your action stations to make the entire experience exciting for the guests. Consider unique themes, cuisines, preparation types, etc. The world of action stations is your oyster.



4. Don’t skimp on styling


Each wedding has its own styling, and each buffet should be personalized for the bride and groom. In order to do that you need to select in advance the dishes and platforms you will be using. For example, for an elegant wedding buffet, you might want to use only glass and porcelain. For a more rustic wedding, you might select wood. 


Once you understand the wedding’s style, you will start creating the whole buffet in your head. Your dishes and platforms can be used as decorative elements.  Don’t be scared of wanting to decorate your buffet table!



5. Display layered dips and desserts in mason jars

Displaying layered food items in mason jars always looks more organized, clean, and completely adorable. Also, guests will thank you for helping them not overeat with this unique version of portion control.

As a catering manager, there are tons of wedding buffet setup ideas out there that will impress your guests. Thankfully, you can find the best quality products for all of your catering and serving needs through Rosseto. After all, Rosseto has all of the most modern and innovative equipment you will ever need for your weddings.

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