5 Tips for an Elegant Buffet Display

From preparing the guest list to designing the location – planning the perfect event is never easy, especially setting an elegant buffet display that will complete the entire event and even take it to the next level, as sometimes it can feel like an impossible task among the multitude of other tasks. So especially for you, here are 5 tips about how to set up the most beautiful and elegant buffet display.

buffet display

Antiquely elegant

Let’s start with the basics (literally) – the table. There’s an exciting option of placing an antique, beautiful, bare table all set and ready for your guests to enjoy, that may seem ideal, but we all know that some guests may be concerned with hygiene and its cleanliness. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make the best out of that old table. You can go ahead and cover the table with a simple table cloth or even better – with a transparent map, so it would be easy to clean, while allowing your guests to enjoy its appearance.

Food presentation

The food at your event shouldn’t just be diverse and delicious, but also presented in a way that attracts guests. There is professional buffet equipment that can help you achieve precisely that. Riser equipment assists in adjusting different heights of tables and servings, the best restaurants’ buffet equipment that will keep the food fresh and warm (when necessary), and food display equipment that will allow you to offer your guests a beautiful presentation.

Make sense

Make sure there’s sense to your serving organization, so it will be easier for your guests to move through the lines and through the buffet easily and conveniently. For example, sort your courses into different types of categories (for example – cold, warm, deserts, etc.), that way you will be able to put every category in its own designated section on the buffet table, making things a lot easier for you guests. Get ideas from our article “Creative buffet layouts and designs

Decoration time

Decoration can always help upgrade the entire buffet display and provide a nice final touch to your table. From flowers, vases, and even “fluffing” the map to receive a different yet elegant aesthetic look, or having a unique food display equipment – each can help you create elegant and unique displays for you buffet table.

Keep it organized and clean

there are many things that happen during a buffet serving. One of those is the buffet equipment getting dirty and messy. So, if you wish to keep that elegant look for a longer period of time – you’d better check the buffet tables from time to time and make sure everything is nice and tidy.

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