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Reimagining your Topping Bar for COVID-19

Reopening businesses during a pandemic is a challenge we’ve never had to face. We know we are not going back to business as usual and a lot of changes have to take place to adhere to new guidelines for the safety of your customers and staff. However, you want those changes to impact your customer experience as little as possible. Your new competitor is the frozen dessert aisle at the local grocery store. Making sure people feel safe, yet are getting the value out of taking a risk to come out of their homes for a treat is a delicate balancing act.

One of the major parts of the modern ice cream and froyo shop that will need to change is the topping bar. The FDA’s new regulations for operating during COVID-19 suggest discontinuing operations, such as salad bars, buffets, and beverage service stations (NO!!). How do you change such an important part of your business model and store design without sacrificing your customer’s experience with your shop? WE GOT YOU.

Our line of topping dispensers is the perfect answer for offering toppings in a way that is both SAFE, STYLISH and EASY to install with a minimum investment.

Rosseto Topping Dispensers:

All toppings stored in an airtight container to prevent contamination by breathing and touching

Customers and employees’ hands will never touch the toppings only the dial of the dispenser. Disposable gloves can be provided to staff or customers to use to turn the dial to dispense toppings to prevent infection by touching.

Part of the fun experience of going to an ice cream or froyo shop is being able to pick your own toppings. Children especially like to add their own toppings so they feel their treat is made just for them and they helped make it. Using Rosseto dispensers you can keep that important aspect of your business’ experience. This reinforces the value in taking a risk to go out to get treats from a shop versus simply staying in and eating store-bought frozen treats.

A modern topping display that is safe AND stylish. Safety does not have to mean sacrificing your brand experience! Clear acrylic containers display toppings in a colorful and fun way. One thing people love about topping bars is seeing all their options colorfully spread out before them. The Rosseto topping dispenser allows you to keep and even enhance that important part of your customer experience.

First in, first out design keeps toppings fresh. Easy to manage when opening and closing. Simply put the cap on the bottom at night to keep the topping container completely closed. In the morning remove the cap and you are ready to go! No pouring toppings in and out of containers and moving them to storage.

Portion controlled technology dispenses a consistent amount every time. Saving on food costs in a time where every penny counts for both your business and your customers!
Available in both countertop and wall-mounted designs so you can easily add it to your existing store layout with minimal investment and space.

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