New 2018 Catalog

It’s finally here! This is our best catalog yet and we are so excited to share it with you. In addition to new items, this issue really gets to the heart of Rosseto and what makes our products so innovative. Almost every line is a versatile system that is meant to be built upon over time, kind of like Legos for Chefs! Some of our favorite new features:

-Additions to the Natura line including new coffee/air pot display system
-Round Chafing bases and pods for Iris and the Diamond Collection
-New Infuser FIRE!
-Stunning new collection of walnut pieces for Forme’ Melamine line
-Hot new dry food dispensers
-New and improved section for Multi-Chef. Build your own serving station in 4 Simple Steps!
-New and improved Skycap section
-The Buffet Guide

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