Modular Serving Solutions – Hospitality Trend or the Future of Hosting?

Hospitality Trends

As a decision-making individual in the restaurant world, it’s essential to stay up-to-date with hospitality trends. But, when it comes time to make larger purchases, it’s crucial to determine whether your research finds these trends to be fleeting or the future movement.


For buffets, there are lots of trends that come and go with the times. There are many ways to serve food. Modular serving solutions are becoming increasingly popular and are the future of dining hospitality. 


Thankfully, Rosseto provides modular serving solutions proving to be the optimal setup of buffets of the future.

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What Is Modular Serving?


Modular serving is a setup style that gives you the ability to be agile, changing your food serving stations quickly and as needed. Ideally, modular serving solutions are beautiful, durable, high quality, stackable, and easy to store products that will elevate your hosting to the next level. 

Why Is Modular Serving Good?

Hospitality experts worldwide prefer modular serving because It allows you to design your buffet or food station in any way you want. You instantly gain creative freedom over the appearance of the food you’re presenting.


Another benefit to modular serving is that the pieces are generally smaller, making it easier to repurpose them in tighter quarters and for any occasion. Traditional serving options you see today are big, heavy items that take up a lot of space and don’t allow flexibility in your buffet setup. 

Hospitality Trends

Why Is Modular Serving Here to Stay?


While there are plenty of buffet and hospitality trends that come and go with the times, modular serving is an exception. As leading hospitality experts here at Rosseto, we believe that modular serving is here to stay, and here’s why.

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Storing your serving solutions can be tricky. Traditional equipment is large and bulky, forcing you to use up precious space for storage when not in use. With modular serving equipment, you can store your pieces neatly, saving space in storage.


One of the primary benefits of modular serving is that it provides you with the ultimate level of flexibility. You can shift from breakfast to lunch and even into an elegant evening buffet without needing a different set of products.

Mix and Match

Modular serving equipment is smaller and allows you to mix and match different pieces for an added element of excitement in your layout. Create the perfect setting for any event.



Rosseto Modular Serving Solutions

As leading experts in hospitality serving solutions, Rosseto has the top-tier modular serving solutions for your buffet.



Bakery Display Cases


Beautify your location’s display arrangement with Rosseto’s line of bakery display cases and equipment. Rosseto display cases are high-quality and always made from the highest-grade materials. With commercial-grade acrylic panels, allow your customers to see your display of cookies, cupcakes, and doughnuts.



Are you looking for a functional and stylish alternative to traditional chafing dishes? Rosseto has the answer you’ve been looking for with our chafing dishes and warmers. Our next generation of food warming technology is here, providing you with safe and reliable warming and display options with optimal heat distribution.

Buffet Risers



Elevate your food and beverage catering displays with Rosseto buffet risers and stands. The products in our line of creative buffet risers come in various sizes and shapes, perfect for fitting any theme or environment you can imagine.

Beverage Dispensers




No buffet is complete without a beautiful beverage display. Rosseto beverage dispensers are modern, offering a sleek look to your buffet design.


Give your guest that memorable buffet dining experience using the modular solutions we’ve provided. Rosseto has all the solutions needed to create a modular buffet equipment system to help you adapt to the new hosting standard and make sure you stay on top of hospitality trends.

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