How to Set Up a Buffet

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If you’re hosting a big meal, catering an event, or managing a hotel dining room, a buffet is the ideal way to present your food in an exciting and appealing way, without stressing over individual plating. This type of food presentation allows your guests to easily view all your dishes and select the food they wish to eat in the quantities that suit their varying appetites.


Here are some great tips that will help you set up your buffet for success.

Tip #1 – Plan it out

Take some time to map out what kind of event or venue you will be working, the kinds of foods you will be serving, the buffet equipment you will need and design elements and accessories you would like to incorporate. For example, using buffet risers will add height and increase your buffet table’s footprint, so you can place more food in less space.


Tip #2- Every buffet should have a clear beginning and end

Keep all plates on one end of your buffet table, so guests know where to line up. This will keep your buffet orderly and will help limit pushing, cutting and other undesirable buffet table conduct. Utensils, on the other hand, should be placed at the end of the buffet line, so your guests don’t have to fumble to hold them while serving themselves your delicious dishes. If your room allows it, you can even pull the buffet table away from the wall, to allow guests to line up on either side.


Tip #4 – Adhere to the 80/20 rule

When planning your buffet, roughly 80 percent of your dishes should be cold, and only 20 percent should be hot. Take this into consideration when selecting the appropriate buffet risers, chafing dishes, warmers and other buffet essentials.


Tip #5 – Combine family-style dishes with individual portions

When it comes to displaying your food in a one-of-a-kind buffet, be sure to integrate various presentation techniques to appeal to a wider audience. It is recommended that your buffet keep different food groups together and separate from others. Additionally, you should take advantage of equipment, such as buffet risers, to add levels of food, for more efficient placement and reach. Other dishes, such as warm food and salads, can be served in large containers, family-style, for added warmth – but make sure you place the food neatly.


Tip #6- Label each item

Ensure your customers know exactly what they’re eating by clearly labeling each dish on your buffet. You can get creative with your dish names, as long as they can easily be linked to what is in its designated container. Label using printed cards, chalkboard runners, craft paper, or any other unique writing material.


Tip #7 – Contact Rosseto for your buffet equipment needs

Rosseto offers retail, food service and hospitality professionals the latest, most innovative and creative buffet equipment, from chafing dishes and warmers, to buffet risers and more, which can be labeled and decorated to match any event or location’s design concept and buffet theme.


Contact Rosseto Serving Solutions and set up your buffet for success with our top line of buffet equipment – today!

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