How to Create a Safe Breakfast Experience

hotel breakfast buffet

It’s safe to say that the way restaurants serve their patrons will never be the same following the aftermath of the pandemic, especially the buffet experience. Considering the hotel breakfast buffet is a primary revenue channel, this is a big concern of hoteliers worldwide. Hotel food and beverage directors, managers, and chefs alike are faced with new challenges these days. The ultimate goal is to find the solution to reopen the breakfast experience in a safe and satisfying way for everyone. As leading experts in serving the hospitality industry, Rosseto has a wide array of products available to ensure following the FDA reopening best practices comes easily for your restaurant reopening.


If you’re wondering how to create a safe breakfast experience, you’ve come to the right place.

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With the ever-changing times of the present comes a shift in the overall breakfast buffet experience. In the past, buffets were known for being held in cramped quarters allowing guests direct access to openly presented food. Rather than eliminating the buffet, hoteliers must find ways to reconfigure their setup to allow a safe space for everyone involved, including guests and staff.

Here are a few tips and tricks to include in your new breakfast buffet setup.

hotel breakfast buffet

Social Distancing

Start by properly organizing your breakfast buffet, ensuring it is safely spaced out and follows social distancing protocol.

Partitions offer an effective method of maintaining social distancing, especially in restaurants. One reason partitions have become so popular amongst the food and beverage industry is because of their portability. Ensure proper safety and privacy without compromising aesthetics with the Avant Guarde mobile partitions and room dividers. Their sleek designs come in multiple colors, allowing you to match your dining room flawlessly.



Another way to promote social distancing in your breakfast buffet is through the use of the Avant Guarde table dividers and booth dividers. Dividers are ideal for open seating floor plans and are designed for high-traffic use.

hotel breakfast buffet

Serving Solutions

Now more than ever, it is your responsibility to minimize the food’s exposure to airborne pathogens in your self-serving breakfast buffet. You can set your restaurant up for success by using the right serving solutions. Here are a few great examples Rosseto has to offer:

Options such as these allow for minimal impact on the dining experience while minimizing the potential exposure and transfer of germs.

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Face-to-face interactions between guests and staff can be a potentially risky encounter these days, but you can show that your business is prioritizing safety by adding layers of protection. The Avant Guarde barrier shields and sneeze guards allow for safe setups such as omelet stations, a staple of a top-notch breakfast buffet.

Air Sterilization

One way to exceed guest and staff safety expectations is by providing them with high-quality air sterilization within your facility. Rosseto now proudly supplies Ionsphere Air Sterilizer Units known for creating clean, pathogen-free air. 


The Ionsphere patented technology carefully distributes a unique combination of positive and negative ions resulting in air that is 99% free from germs, viruses, and bacteria. One of the best features of Ionsphere is that it does not require any HVAC installation. 


Based on the amount of square fottage you have, choose from a wide range of Ionsphere products, including table and countertop rechargeable units and wall-mounted units,. Ionsphere units will disperse anywhere from 25 billion up to 10 trillion ions per square per second, depending on the size of the unit.



Providing guests and staff with air sterilization goes above and beyond social distancing guidelines to provide the optimal level of safety for all.



Closing your hotel breakfast buffet indefinitely doesn’t have to be your only solution. Instead, reopen with confidence with the help of Rosseto. We provide specially adapted and modular buffet equipment that enables you to maintain your breakfast buffet at the highest standard. Rosseto allows you to prioritize food service safety while providing a protected environment for your guests and staff.

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