How To Boost Your Plating With Special Serving Platters

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Function meets fabulous with sleek, lightweight & durable melamine serving platters

People eat with their eyes first. In fact, they’re likely to make snap decisions on your food, before they’ve even taken a single bite. As such, the way you plate your tasty dishes must reflect just how good they truly are.

Enter the special serving platter: your gateway to many a satisfied customer. When plated well, your buffet or family-style eats will whet their appetite and keep them coming back for more.


But how do you know which special serving platters to use? Here are some great, useful tips:

Tip #1 – Go for a sleek, yet simple design

When it comes to special serving platters, bold is beautiful, but overly busy can detract from your culinary efforts’ aesthetic appeal. Opt for solid or minimally patterned serving platters, so that the colors and textures of your beets, meat, or pasta in alfredo sauce are what catch your customers’ eyes. If you want to add pops of color, opt to decorate the buffet or dining table with seasonal or themed accessories – leaves in autumn, flowers in spring, etc. When it comes to the serving platter itself, let your food be the star.

Tip #2 – Prioritize functionality

There are a few things to take in mind when selecting the perfect special serving platter. First, you want a lightweight platter that will be easy enough for your waitstaff to carry about laden with food, and your customers to pass around (if it’s a family-style event). Second, you want a durable platter, one that can withstand the odd knock, bump and maybe even fall. Third, you want a serving platter that is easy to clean – no intricate grooves or other spaces where food can get trapped. Melamine serving platters meet all these needs, head-on. Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, melamine platters are just as elegant, yet far more lightweight and durable than china, making them ideal for all sorts of catered events. Unlike glazed dishes, melamine platters are 100% dishwasher safe, saving your kitchen team time and effort on cleanup, so they can better focus on taste, texture and presentation.

Tip #3 – Alternate your presentation

When using special serving platters, it’s easy to pile on the food and send it out for eating. However, you can get creative with your presentation and excite even more palates. For example, the same melamine platter can be used to carry multiple single portions of your teriyaki salmon, or it can hold a variety of shot glasses filled with your latest amuse bouche. Alternate this “individual plating” on a single serving platter with more family-style platters: pasta in rose sauce served on a buffet table that customers can scoop into their plates, thinly sliced pickled brisket ready for the taking, or a Freshly cut, tarty pavlova. Alternating your presentation will engage your customers and encourage them to try new eats.

Tip #4 – Buy your special serving platters from Rosseto

Rosseto offers caterers and hospitality industry professionals the latest, most innovative and durable special serving platters for all their plating needs, including melamine platters. Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, these platters are designed to enhance your customers’ culinary experience, like never before.


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