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Everything you need to know about using food dispensers at your store or catered event

Whether you’re working in retail, hospitality or event catering, you’ve likely heard of, or even used, the faithful food dispenser. Food dispensers are great for showcasing your foodstuffs in a clean and aesthetic way. That’s why we’ve put together a little food dispenser FAQ – to highlight the faithful presentation friend and help you implement it best, to your customers’ delight.


Q: What is a food dispenser?

A: A food dispenser is a container that holds mainly dry food, which you or your customers can use to dispense portion-sized amounts of the food it contains, by turning a crank knob, or pulling a lever. The contents of the food dispenser is sealed, keeping it clean and fresh, while preventing premature spoiling and spills. Food dispensers turn the food selection process into a hands-on, interactive experience.


Q: Why you should use food dispensers at your store/event/hospitality center

A: There are several reasons why you should implement food dispensers at your store, hotel buffet, catered event or other gathering. These include:

1. They allow customers to select and buy the quantity of food they want or need

2. No hands touch the food, which keeps germs at bay

3. Because they use no packaging, they’re environmentally friendly

4. They help fight waste

5. They require less personnel handling your food

6. They are fun to use

7. They attractively display your food – and are easy to decorate


Q: Which foods are recommended to place in your food dispensers?

A: Food dispensers can be filled with a variety of edibles, but dry foods and raw foods, like cereal, pasta, other grains, beans, chocolates, candy, oatmeal, granola, nuts, raisins, rice, dog food, cat food, almonds, trail mix, coffee beans, freeze dried fruit and more are best. Moist or hot foods can create a huge mess inside the food dispenser that would be a challenge to clean.


Q: How do you use food dispensers?

Food dispensers are extremely easy to setup and use. All you need to do is place the food dispenser onto your desired countertop surface or mount it on the wall, fill the container with your desired dry food, and seal.


Q: How should you decorate your food dispensers?

A: You can artfully stack the contents of your food dispensers, line up multiple food dispensers containing distinct colors or shapes, or decorate the immediate vicinity surrounding your food dispensers with items that reflect the room or event’s theme or general ambiance, like flowers, ribbons, or other tchotchkes. It is recommended that you do not cover the exterior of the food dispenser, so that your customers can clearly view its contents. It is also recommended that you clearly label each dispenser with the name of the food it contains, to prevent mix-ups and mistaken dispensations.


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