Everything You Need to Know Before Purchasing New Food Service Equipment

When it comes to purchasing new food service equipment, there are a handful of considerations you need to keep in mind. Ultimately, you are looking for the best products that provide optimal value at a reasonable price.


There are many ways to organize a buffet, but as leading experts in hospitality solutions, you can guarantee that Rosseto’s food service equipment is the best. All Rosseto products are high-quality, versatile, and made to last for many years. With Rosseto, you know you are receiving the best value for your investment. Best of all, all of the metal in our food service equipment is made here in the USA.

Challenges of Purchasing New Food Service Equipment Today

Purchasing new equipment can be costly, which is why it’s crucial to spend time considering all elements. Some of the main challenges of determining the best fit for your setup may include the type of event, the type of food, and COVID safety precautions.

Type of Event

The goal of every event is to make it memorable, and the way to do that is by having buffet lines that are in line with your overall aesthetic. When you’re purchasing new food service equipment, you want to keep in mind characteristics such as:


  • Creating attractive serving stations

  • Keeping your stations inviting and clean

  • Making unforgettable memories

Type of Food

Making sure everything looks good is crucial, but equally as important is maintaining your food quality. You’ll also want to remember that you need to:


  • Keep your hot food hot

  • Keep your cold food cold

  • Provide your guests with the food items they want and need

  • Keep the event within the client’s budget

COVID Safety

Another thing to consider when making your food service equipment purchases today is keeping everything in line with COVID safety precautions. You’ll need to consider factors such as:


  • Social distancing

  • Sneeze guards and barrier shields

  • Directional signage

The Rosseto Solution

Rosseto works with several leading schools, universities, and health care facilities worldwide to provide top-of-the-line food service equipment to enhance serving experience and presentation.

Cereal and Snack Dispensers

Our cereal and snack dispensers are a popular addition to university cafeterias, and our buffet displays are well known in catering.

Beverage Dispensers

Upscale restaurants love the innovative, modern appeal of our buffet lines, while quick-service restaurants and convenience stores appreciate the durability and quality of our beverage dispensers, bakery cases, and yogurt topping dispensers.


Rosseto dispensers and buffet equipment are the perfect options to enhance food presentation. Will you be serving beverages? What kinds? Check out our collection of beverage dispensers that are totally hands-free.

Chafing Dishes and Warmers

Will the food be only cold items or will there also be some warm options? In that case, learn about chafing dishes or warming lamps. It’s the best way to keep food warm and tasting great.


How many stations will you have? Will you have action stations? You can choose a specific Rosseto collection to make your food service thematic.

Barrier Shields and Sneeze Guards

If you are serving coffee, consider using a barrier between the barista and the guests to keep everyone’s safety in mind. Check out Rosseto’s extensive line of barrier shields and sneeze guards to protect your staff and guests today.


The food service equipment and supplies brought to you by Rosseto are unparalleled in both aesthetic appeal and quality. Whether you are setting up an intimate buffet at your hotel’s poolside deck, or entertaining a wedding with a sizable three-room setup, the signature Rosseto design was made to look at home in every situation.

Rosseto has all the equipment that every food service needs, but you need to do some research and get a better idea of what you need. That way, we can help you have the best service possible. You can rest assured that our products will last longer than the competitors’ food service equipment.

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