Countertop Bakery Cases: A Fresh Take on Food Safety and Hygiene

Bakeries and cafes love transparent display cases

Bakeries and cafes have always used transparent display cases to showcase their delectable desserts, croissants, and other baked goods to entice customers.. However, as businesses continue to serve customers during the COVID-19 pandemic, bakery cases are becoming just as important for their hygienic qualities. Display cases ensure a safe distance between the customers and the food products, acting as a sneezeguard to keep unpackaged items safe from possible contamination. This is a win-win for those looking to find creative ways to follow new safety guidelines without impacting the look and feel of their business.
Using these bakery display cases will help appease those concerned about the health and safety standards followed in cafes and restaurants. People are more willing to go to an establishment they feel is clean, safe and taking new protocols seriously.
If your business is in the food and beverage industry, especially food retail, a bakery display case can be an ideal safety solution. With so many options, how do you decide which bakery countertop display to choose from? Read below for our suggestions for bakery cases that offer maximum safety as well as the aesthetic presentation of the food products that you serve.

Why Do Bakeries Need A Bakery Case?

Regardless of what type of food restaurant you own, having a transparent bakery sneeze guard is essential to protect your food products from germs and ensure a healthy, safe way of conducting business. This product helps your staff and buyers as well in the following ways:

Display cases Provide Ease Of Access

Display cases make it easier for customers to choose from various options while maintaining a safe social distance. Additionally, display cases also make it easier for them to check for items’ availability and make a quick decision, encouraging contact-less customer service.
A transparent countertop display is also used by cafes to showcase their most popular confectionery items and baked goods that tempt customers to impulse buy.

Retain Freshness Of Baked Goods

Most of your bakery items use eggs, milk, and butter as their primary ingredient. So while some food products can be kept at room temperatures, many desserts and bakery products will require refrigeration to ensure freshness of products.

Which Bakery Case Is Right For Your Business?

There are different kinds of bakery countertop displays and sneezeguards available. From a plexiglass sneezeguard to a plastic sneezeguard, Rosseto Serving Solutions has various display cases that you can choose to fit your business needs.

Storing Food Products at Cold Temperatures

Acrylic glass displays are among the best options to store desserts that need to be kept at moderated temperatures. The back of the case faces the employee, giving customers a full-frontal view of all the food products. Regulating the temperature for your food items ensures that they retain their freshness, quality and taste.

Frosted trays in a bakery display case offer maximum visibility and versatility and are designed according to a particular style. They are not just great for self-serving cafes but are also useful for employees to serve cold cut sandwiches, salads or donuts. You can add a compatible base to your frosted tray for enhancing the visual appeal of your desserts or position the trays at different angles.

To Showcase A Range Of Products

An acrylic 3-door divider is used to keep different flavors or types of the same product. Usually, bakeries keep different types of bread in a 3-door divider to show their customers the other options they serve.

Bakeries use four-sided acrylic glass displays for specialty cakes. It looks like a phone booth and allows customers a 360-degree view the cake, making it ideal for showcasing customized cakes.

Rosseto has a range of modern acrylic containers – both straight and curved – that provide maximum preservation of the food products while also giving customers a good view.

Many bakeries use a mixture of sneeze guard shields. For example, Subway uses a refrigerated, straight acrylic glass display to store its cold cuts and meats and non-refrigerated curved display glass for showcasing cookies at the counter. These curved glass displays provide easy access to employees for serving customers who end up buying cookies impulsively while paying for their sandwiches.

Maintain The Aesthetic of Your Bakery

The kind of base that you choose for your glass display can enhance the aesthetic of your desserts and baked goods.

A matte or dark base can enhance the looks of your colorful, flavorful desserts like lemon tarts and strawberry pies; whereas, transparent and white bases are suitable for keeping bread, bagels, and croissants to complement their aesthetic appeal.

A bamboo bakery case can add a touch of modernity and versatility to your countertop display. Bamboo trays are easily adjustable and allow you to stack up multiple drawers to showcase your bakery products. However, the unique feature that bamboo countertops offer is its lightweight, making it mobile and easy to be placed anywhere.

Are you looking to upgrade your café or bakery with modern and practical sneeze guard shields? We suggest opting for acrylic, plastic, or glass display countertops that can keep the germs away from your food products while also catching the eyes of every passer-by.

Visit Rosseto Solutions to view a wide collection of countertop bakery display cases.

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