Cheers to a Profitable Cup of Tea

Tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world next to water, and is found in 80% of all U.S. households. On any given day, over 158 million Americans are drinking tea. With the popularity of specialty tea and coffee shops, bulk loose leaf tea sales are increasing across the board!

According to Packaged Facts, tea sales for 2014 were forecasted to reach $25 billion with $6.2 billion (25%) coming from retail sales and $18.8 billion (75%) coming from coffee houses and tea rooms.  With sales of ready-to-drink canned teas and instant teas declining, retailers have an increased opportunity for innovation and customization.  Coffeehouses and tea rooms, on the other hand, are perfectly poised to fully leverage niche tea offerings on their menus, especially with younger tea drinkers.

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Further, the industry predicts strong, continuous growth over the next five years coming from all segments driven by convenience, customization, interest in healthy properties of tea, and through the continued discovery and appreciation of unique, flavorful, high-end teas.

It’s Tea’s Time to shine. Are you ready?

Benefits of Bulk Tea

Whether you are a retail supermarket, specialty shop, coffeehouse or tea room, there are many benefits to offering bulk teas.  Offering a new or expanded selection creates excitement in the category and at store-level, reduces packaging and waste, easy set-up and maintenance and provides you with the opportunity to brand the product.

As a shopper, the benefits include perceived higher value and freshness, customization and portion control, ease of use and opportunity to try new products at a value. Rosseto Serving Solutions’ gravity dispensers allow customers to fill their bag with exactly the amount they want to purchase, providing easy customization and trial.


Stop hiding your tea in bins, boxes and pouches. Let your tea speak for itself! Rosseto offers sophisticated, transparent dispensers that showcase all of the unique ingredients in your tea and tea blends, increasing the perception of quality and freshness.

Tea Makes Cents

Tea can be perceived to be expensive when priced at $10 or more per pound; however, most consumers don’t know that a pound of tea equates to 200+ cups!   Next to your per pound pricing, include a sticker or message that shows the cost per cup.


Looking to be more innovative or creative in your marketing or merchandising?  Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Allow shoppers to customize their tea by blending ingredients of same-priced items
  • Create your own specialty blends that customers can only buy at your store- include kid-friendly and masculine flavors, sleepy-time blends and more!
  • Offer tea bags for purchase for those who still want easy tea-on-the-go
  • Provide steep time guidelines printed on your bulk packages

Ready to see your tea sales soar? Rosseto is here to help customize a solution that is sure to be your perfect cup of tea.

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