2019 Event Catering Trends

With Rosseto, your next catered event will be as trendy as it is tasty

A catered event isn’t just a display of food and drink. Au contraire. Using an array of display options, including beverage dispensers, candy dispensers, risers and other service pieces, you can create an engaging and entertaining gustatory experience that transforms any old gathering into “the” event everyone’s talking about. To do this, you need to keep updated and adopt the latest event catering trends.

Not to worry. In this post, we’ll cover the most exciting event catering trends of 2019, collected just for you.

Trend #1 – Go local

In 2019, plan the catered spread around local ingredients found near the event venue. This includes food and beverage items – fresh raw and cooked produce, mains and sides served on trays and in chafing dishes decorated with seasonal or locally-inspired design elements, and beer and wine from local microbreweries and vineyards, artfully displayed in clear (and clearly labeled) beverage dispensers. The same goes for sweets and treats – if your event is taking place in a location near where a particular candy is produced, highlight it on your dessert buffet, in candy dispensers that do the confections justice!

Trend #2 – Use your buffet as entertainment

Get your customers excited about your catered food by turning the buffet line into an interactive activity. For example, they can build their own tacos by selecting their favorite ingredients from display bins or dishes, or craft a dessert that screams 2019, such as soft-serve frozen yogurt, which they can top to their hearts’ content by releasing sweets from candy dispensers, adding fruit nestled in a cooling tray, and drizzling any number of sauces from pre-filled condiment bottles.

Trend #3 – Prepare pairings

In 2019, education and engagement are part in parcel of successful customer experiences, including in the catered event world. To stay on top of this trend, offer your customers an amuse-bouche, a small bite in a shot glass, large spoon or little bowl, alongside the ideal beverage to match each dish. With food in one hand and drink in the other, your customers will be impressed by your trendy presentation, while still being able to mingle and converse.

Trend #4 – Minimize presentation waste

Zero waste is a tremendous trend this year, and this trend can and should be extended to the catered event world as well. Minimize your presentation waste by serving beverages, dry foods and candy in dedicated dispensers. Consider using whole products in your buffet (the whole animal, including offal parts, in protein dishes, the whole vegetable, divided up into different dishes, etc.), plate individual portions customers can grab and go, to avoid overloading plates with more than can be eaten. In favor of reusable lite ware eschew decorative papers and other wasteful presentation items, in favor of reusable liteware. And, of course, donating any uneaten food to a shelter or charity is always a worthwhile cause.

Trend #5 – Cater conscientiously

In 2018, the world was exposed to the #MeToo and other movements promoting human rights, diversity, awareness and other social justice needs. In 2019, this sensitivity has entered the catering kitchen – and multi-cultural and multi-ethnic cuisine is all the rage. Be sure to offer a variety of food styles to pique your customers’ interests – and remember that conscientious cooking ALSO includes ensuring dietary preferences are respected, in the form of alternatives for vegans, vegetarians, and foods that are gluten and allergen free.

With Rosseto, your next catered event will be trending

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