The Natura Fresh Market Buffet System



Natura Fresh Market Buffet System


Want the look of farm to table without sacrificing luxury?


Create a stunning farm market display with this inspiring new collection from Rosseto. Rustic yet elegant, each item is made with the highest quality bamboo that uses triple layer technology for durability. Perfect for crafting the ultimate breakfast display, each piece can stand alone or connect with other bamboo pieces. Nesting display blocks can be used with removable ice trays. Display stands are modular and feature several sizes. Display bakery items, fresh whole fruits and more! Add on integrated items like a bamboo beverage dispenser or bamboo bakery blocks to complete your look.


  • High quality bamboo
  • Stackable & modular for more creative display options
  • integrates with other Rosseto bamboo products like beverage dispensers and bakery blocks
  • easy to serve and replenish
  • Rustic bakery displays for brunch, breakfast and small bites
  • durable for high volume establishments like hotels, restaurants, fresh markets & cafes
  • Easily add ice tray inserts for cold displays like yogurts, fresh juices and smoothies




Natura Tray & Stand System                          Modular Tray Sets Available in 3 Options




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