The Best Candies from Around the World

Amazing candies that will satisfy any sweet tooth.

Rosseto is a leading supplier of scoop bins and dispensers for your candy buffet needs. Which candies will fill your candy dispensers at your next event? Today, we’re surveying some of the world’s best candies. Grab your toothbrush because we’re in for a saccharine time!

Cadbury Chocolate Fish

Made in New Zealand, these chocolate-covered marshmallow confections are a bastion of corner shops and even handed out as a reward for a job well-done. The concept  is simple: pink marshmallow coated with a wafer-thin layer of milk chocolate, in the shape of a fish, at a price most anyone can afford. Like it? We love it!

Hi-Chew (Haichu)

When it comes to sweet, juicy treats, Japan does it best. Hi-Chew was invented to allow Japanese citizens to chew and swallow gum. They come in 40 flavors, including caramel apple, strawberry, grape, pineapple and acai. They also come in stick and bite-sized form, the latter being ideal to stock inside your candy dispenser.

Shokolad Para

Trust the Elite cow to deliver great, smooth, creamy chocolate flavor with every bit. Israel’s Elite-brand Shokolad Para is an absolute delight and comes as a solid chocolate bar, or packed with interesting nuts, spreads and even popping candy! You can also find Shokolad Para in individually wrapped, bite-sized packages. Great for on-the-go, in your candy dispenser or your Halloween treat dish.

Coffee Crisp

Oh Canada! Coffee crisp is the chocolate bar for the whole family. Mature in concept, but down-to-earth and divine in taste, you will find yourself reaching for just one more bar… and then one more… and another… until the entire pack is gone. The milk chocolate bar consisting of vanilla wafers and a coffee-flavored soft candy is simply too good to resist.

Percy Pig gummies

Percy Pig gummies, sold by Marks and Spencer in the UK, are cute, pig-shaped candies that will put a smile on your face, even before you’ve taken the first bite. Made with real fruit juice, these gummies are positively bursting with flavor. Because they’re not prone to melting, you can easily fill your candy dispensers with as many Percy Pigs as your customers’ hearts desire.


These waffle-like wafers, glued together by a delightful syrup-like caramel filling is the pride and joy of the Netherlands’ candy industry. While in Holland they are often sold as street food, elsewhere in the world you’ll find them sold in boxes. If you want to make a splash with your next candy buffet, these are the sweet treats to dispense.

Turkish Delight

Never heard of Turkish Delight? You must be living on some remote, uninhabited island. The sweet sugar-based gelly brings together nuts, fruits, and other morsels to create a taste that is reminiscent of fruit cake, without actually being, well, fruit cake.

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