hands free beverages dispenser

Touchless Beverage Dispensers

Beverages are a big part of any catering event or buffet. Whether it’s a hot drink, a cold one, or an alcoholic beverage, it can instantly make someone’s day. These days, it’s more important than ever to keep a beverage dispenser clean and virus-free. But with everyone touching the dispenser

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candy stores

New Standards for Candy Shops

Historically, candy shops have been colorful and happy places for all ages. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to change due to the pandemic. As a candy shop owner or manager, the health and well-being of the guests remain a number one priority. At the same time, you also know, now more

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Hosting Events During COVID – This Is How to Do It

It looks like we are not leaving COVID behind any time soon, so we, as food and hospitality experts, need to follow some stringent safety and health rules to help get us back to “normal.” . It’s time again to restart hosting events with unique buffets for our guests. It’s

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How to Store Your Ice Cream Toppings

The global pandemic brought with it a massive influx of changes to the world of food and beverage. Today, if you’re a food store owner, you need to have the best solution available to store your ice cream toppings and other dry foods like candy, cereal, and snacks. The expectation

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