Planning the Perfect Picnic Buffet

As the weather begins to transition from blistering winds and subzero temperatures to warm zephyrs and springtime heat, people across the country will want to spend more time eating outdoors. Spring and summer picnic buffets provide a chance for coworkers to catch up on the latest news as they breathe in the refreshing and rejuvenating air. Whether you are a dining hall manager, business owner or a restaurateur, setting up an outdoor picnic buffet will raise the spirits of all who attend. Here are some ways to make your event amazing:

Plan ahead

Depending on the size of your picnic, a wide variety of people may attend. People who are vegan, vegetarian, kosher, gluten-free, diabetic or lactose-intolerant might come to the party and you should try to accommodate them. Try to get a list of dietary constraints before you send for any food items. This will give you a good idea of what to buy and how much to spend. Consider mixing colors and textures to give your guests a good amount of options. Try to add food that is prepared in different ways to increase interest in the event such as barbecue, stir-fry or oven-baked.

Design a theme

The theme of your outdoor picnic buffet will set the tone for the entire day. It should define many aspects of the event including the menu, decorations, props, linens and dinnerware. If you want to go even further, integrate music, lighting and staff uniforms that are related to the theme. Whatever theme you decide to use, you can rely on Rosseto Serving Solutions’ line of high-quality buffet risers and beverage dispensers. The buffet riser systems feature high-end, stainless steel, wood or bamboo design that is sure to catch the eye of your guests. Rosseto’s beverage dispensers use commercial-grade acrylic containers that keep your juice or tea fresh while providing a stunning visual display for your picnic.

Arrange your buffet properly

If you plan on having only a few guests, you can arrange your food tables, dining area and recreation space in any manner you see fit. When you have to keep more than 75 people fed, entertained and hydrated, a little more planning is necessary. Two service lines should be available to guests to keep the flow of the buffet moving. Consider grouping similar food items in multiple areas so that people can access these sought-after foods easily.

Hot food – When you display hot food, consider presenting it in chafing dishes as opposed to platters, bowls and trays for room-temperature food. If you decide to utilize platters or bowls, think about how each display piece will affect not only the design of the table, but also the overall theme of the picnic buffet.

Cold food – You can present cold food much in the same way as hot, but make sure your staff is aware of a few important factors. Keep a constant eye on the temperature of the food, try to replenish ice reserves as often as possible, and consider exchanging serving platters regularly to maintain a good visual presentation of the food.

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