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Like it or not, your employees spend most of their waking hours at the office. They work hard, completing tasks, sitting in on meetings, and ensuring your business’ long-term success. When it comes time for a much-needed break, they deserve to be able to take a load off and enjoy maximum comfort without having to go anywhere. The office break room should therefore be designed with your employees’ interests in mind – food, drink, and relaxation. A break from the mad-rush that is the work day, so they can feel more human, rejuvenated, and ready to get back to work.


When looking for break room design ideas, Pinterest can serve as a great source of inspiration. There are tons of boards with countless pins, from the modern gamer’s oasis, to warm, inviting spaces, and everything in between. Here are some great tips we culled from browsing through some of Pinterest’s top break room ideas:

Bring your brand to life

Your office break room is a great place to acquaint your employees with your brand in a subtle, informal way. Decorate the room with brand colors and relevant textures and materials. Balance out work and play by including brand-relevant decor and accessories. For example, a tech company might embrace legacy arcade games, while a marketing agency might adopt a “mini” mini golf pitch, or other fun snack stations. You want to remind your employees why working at your company is fun, not overly taxing, and extremely rewarding, even when they’re taking a break.


Here’s a great example:

beverage dispensers pinterest

Create a break from the general office space

Break rooms should look nothing like your employees’ cubicles and water cooler areas. They should be warm, inviting, and fun. Decorate your break room to resemble your company’s ideal getaway – a remote lodge, an urban playground, or even a seaside escape. Comfy couches, great lighting, and unique accessories, like paintings, drapery and other tchotchkes can help create just the look your aiming for.


Check out this great example:

Stock up the pantry

When designing your break room, you should take into consideration the kinds of snacks and treats your employees’ love and display them for easy access, without creating a mess. Clearly labeled glass dispensers are great for showing off their favorite beverages, cereals, and other edibles that will keep them burning the midnight oil. These dispensers can be decorated from the outside with stickers, draped with seasonal flowers, fruit and stationery, or without any outside decor at all. Instead, the contents of each dispenser can be creatively stacked or filled, ensuring the fun, colorful look you seek. Make sure to label each dispenser, so everyone knows what’s inside.


Here’s how it’s done:

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