Maximize your functionality with style and grace!

Not all buffet serving solutions are created equal. The conventional, blocky and shiny domes that are reminiscent of an 80’s prom or a Sunday prime rib dinner were designed specifically with function in mind, and the style and elegance got left by the wayside.  While these conventional serving solutions have been proven to be very functional, we saw a big opportunity to make them the centerpiece of the table, and not the eyesore of the room.

Our newly expanded Multi-Chef ™ buffet system now features warming, cooling and serving components to help you maximize space and functionality, while creating an elegant and inviting layout.

The Multi-ChefTM buffet system is totally customizable – mix heights, colors, and accessories to create a variety of buffet stations for all your needs. Start your buffet with a Multi-Chef base, with reversible burners and fuel holders, that allow for greater flexibility. Then, build your display by topping your base with any of the Multi-Chef warming, cooling or serving accessories to create a full buffet system.

Some like it hot –

At Rosseto®, we’re bringing you the next generation of food warming technology, and providing you with safe and reliable warming and display options with optimal heat distribution. Our chafing dishes are a chic choice and come in 7 inch and 10 inch heights, in honeycomb, round and square risers. Plus, our buffet food warmers and trays are among the most dependable products currently made in the catering and hotel dining industry.

Cool off in style –

Whether your customers are lining up for an outdoor buffet or relaxing poolside at your beachside resort, you’ll want to provide the high level of quality your patrons have come to expect from you in every way, including how you keep your drinks and finger food ice cold. Rosseto’s line of food and beverage display coolers are elegantly designed and built to last. Our ice tubs and trays are made from high quality, commercial-grade acrylic and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet your needs.

Surfaces for any affair –

Rosseto® surfaces connect to other Multi-ChefTM products and accessories, to build and create elegant stations that are sure to attract guests. Made from the highest grade acrylic, bamboo, glass and walnut, our surface risers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to match the theme and style of your event. Our food display surfaces are the understated workhorses of your artfully crafted food displays to remain sturdy and reliable to maintain elegance and excellence for your perfect event. Acrylic and glass finishes are always the right choice for an elegant black-tie affair.


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